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About Tom Exposes Liberal BS

I am an unwavering patriot and a Veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. I am a logical thinker and a constitutional advocate. I am also critical of the PC world and not afraid to push the line in the name of all things sacred to his sworn oath, and against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I write in a powerful way, cutting through ambiguity and boldly-stating what many are thinking but too afraid to say in today’s hyper-PC world. Whether you are reading my articles or listening to my podcasts, you’re going to get a no-nonsense perspective that will leave you with substance to digest and the affirmation that constitutional Americans are still very much in the fight for our country’s moral, emotional, and intellectual future.

Among the Member benefits for my Patrons is The Daily Micro. This abridged microblog will delve into real-time events daily, Monday through Friday. It promises to be a powerful but short thesis of our current sociopolitical state, with content that I hope motivates you as a constitution-loving Patriot to get involved in the fight. You can read my more expanded content and find my podcast, videos, and more at 

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