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About Expressed Unity

Hello i'm Laurence the creator of a Youtube channel called "Expressed Unity" where i teach about the art of game creation. My channel is mainly focused on the Multiplayer aspect of game creation however i teach just about anything requested!

Making games as a solo developer is a difficult task especially if your making a multiplayer game. In hopes to pass on my knowledge my channel brings you the following tutorials in hopes to teach both beginner or intermediate game developers how we can develop multiplayer games.

What you can expect from my channel:
  • Local alert systems
  • Login/Registration systems
  • Creating / Starting a photon server and connecting to it
  • Network interactions between players
  • Inventory systems
  • Shop systems
  • Cloud scripting
And much more

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a platform that you can support me on so that i can continue making weekly videos by donating a monthly payment which can be cancelled at any time!

Why do i need the money?
Making content for my channel takes time. So with the money made on my Patreon/Youtube it will help fund more videos with better quality. Currently i have a day job which i use to pay for the common things i need to live so making the work load lighter with your funding will help me focus more on making better content for the channel and spending more time with all of you!
$1 of $500 per month
When i reach $500 per month i will start creating a community driven game with you all!
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