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About Buddhist Gaming

We produce video Let's Plays and game playthroughs together. We like to focus on story-heavy games that give us a lot to chat about, which always leads to better commentary. A game having great looking artwork or music is a plus too, but not a requirement. We use minimal editing in our videos, only to cut out repetitive content or non-events in the playthrough. The games we play tend to be pretty short, a few hours at most, with only one game lasting about 10 hours.

Sometimes, Mikey writes Let's Reads of various tabletop RPG books. Think of a Let's Read as an extended review where he reads through the material and commentates on it. He doesn't just repeat the content back verbatim, rather gives his thoughts on the material, on the setting, the rules, and any experiences he has with the game. For every Let's Read, he will try to create at least one character using the game's rules, both to demonstrate what's possible in the system and to better understand the sort of characters you are expected to play.

As much fun as we have creating content, the majority of it is produced intermittently, usually when we have a free weekend. If we have to choose between pursuing our hobbies and paying the bills, well, there's no real choice there. That's where you come in. Your contributions will enable us to devote more time to writing and recording. We also currently have no budget for equipment, using free software and a webcam mic to record and edit our gameplay footage. As for Mikey's writing, the only real budget it needs is the cost of acquiring game books.

Much of the extra funds we get go to a local no-kill animal shelter, animals we foster in our home, shelter programs, and activism. Our contributors will help find homeless animals a safe and healthy home. If possible, we'll take video and photos of the events Sarah goes to around the Baltimore area and show off some of the animals available. Although many animals have sad beginnings, we focus on the happy endings so you don't have to worry about how everything will turn out. We could also make videos on caring for animals and answering questions people have about pet care.
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Buys an 18-22lb bag of cat food which feeds one cat for about a year.

2 Let's Play episodes per week + anything else we can do.
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