Extra Lives is creating a performance of a classic video game tune every week!

Mario Tier (become a patron!)

$1 /creation
Join Extra Lives' party and get immediate access to our patron-only feed, plus our inexhaustible gratitude.

Sonic Tier (all the 'Extra' content!)

$2 /creation
Immediate access to our special content stream of previews, unreleased audio, outtakes, bloopers, pics, videos and much more. (Plus the patron-only feed and our undying gratitude, of course.)

Mega Man Tier (music transcriptions!)

$4 /creation
GET EQUIPPED with the musical transcriptions we create while learning these challenging tunes. Immediate, exclusive access to sheet music via private box.com link.

Also, all the goodies fr...

Bomberman Tier (we perform your requests!)

$5 /creation
WE'LL TAKE YOUR REQUESTS each month for a classic video game theme you want us to cover. We'll tackle at least one backer request per month from patrons at this tier and up.

Also, all the g...


Link Tier (personalized monthly videos from us!)

$15 /creation
Every time we meet to record our monthly covers we'll create - and send you - a special private video in which we give you a personal shout-out and report secret Extra Lives news... including what ...

Starman Tier (private concert and more!)

$20 /creation
We'll play private streaming concerts for backers at this level. We'll take your requests on date, time and set list for the performance and create an intimate, unforgettable experience.


Billy Mitchell Tier

$15,000 /creation
We will create and deliver a sizable run of Extra Lives custom hot sauce.

And hey, who needs goodies from the above tiers? You are Billy Mitchell, the greatest gamer the world has ever known.