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About Exxxxtraordinary

This is the home of Exxxxtraordinary! Welcome to the podcast that explores how to have an Exxxxtraordinary Life. A life based on what we choose, moment to moment.

I’m Briana Cavanaugh and I’m fat. Maybe you are too?

Maybe you call yourself
- plus sized
- fluffy
- big
- heavy 
- chunky
- phat
- voluptuous
- big boned
- ssbbw
- bbw
- Athenas

Or what ever. You know who you are. This place is for you. For us. Especially those of us that really don't fit. 

This show explores what we and our culture view as normal and what we can do to have the life and business that we actually want – an exxxxtraordinary life. A life based on what we choose, moment to moment - no matter our shape or size!

Most Americans are some version of fat. So why then are so many of our leaders and gurus thin, white, and male? Come explore Exxxxtraordinary leadership from the perspective of fat liberation. The show centers on me, sharing what I've learned as a 12 year veteran CEO of a bookkeeping firm Bliss Your Money and sometimes other fat leaders and the occasional intersectional leader.

Body love, Fat positive, intersectional (as much as a white lady can be) and getting traction in our businesses. Focused on business owners and C-Suiter; all leaders welcome! Starts with the podcast, and if you love the podcast, join the community and become a patron!

Nothing is off limits here - generally fat people making noise on the internet are pigeon-holed into talking about body-positivity and fashion, which are great topics, but fat people also love, run business, hurt, have relationships, use the internet, some are even queer, gay, no-binary etc. So here at Exxxxtraordinary we are going to cover all the things, and anything I want to talk about.

These are conversations we as humans need to be having, wether we are fat or not.

In order to make this podcast rock, I need you. I need your support and love, but I also need your dollars. Money is how I pay my team (and my phone bill). The more you give, the more we can do!