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This membership tier provides basic membership rewards in exchange for a $3 per month pledge. 

Basic Membership Rewards

  • Ability to plan member's led initiatives such as exhibitions, talks, screenings 
  • Use of our space
    • Ability to rent our member's nook to use as an artist's studio or workspace
    • Ability to rent our flex space, which can be used to host meetings or exhibitions 
  • Ability to sell work out of our bookstore on commission 
  • Voting rights at our AGM
  • Ability to participate on various committees and to stand for election to the Board of Directors
  • Subscription to regular member's email and Eyelevel newsletters
  • Ability to borrow books from our Printed Matter Library 
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This membership tier provides basic membership rewards, Eyelevel merch, and the sponsorship of a free membership in exchange for $6 per month pledge.

Basic membership rewards

(See Magnet Tier for more information)

Extra Goodies

  • An Eyelevel merchandise item annually (tote bag or publication)
  • Sponsorship of one free membership

* Extra Goodies must be picked up at our location on Cornwallis Street, unless you live outside of Halifax.

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This membership tier provides basic membership rewards, Eyelevel merch, a bookstore item, and the sponsorship of two free memberships in exchange for an $11 per month pledge. 

Basic membership rewards 

(See Magnet Tier for more information)

Extra Goodies

  • An Eyelevel merchandise item annually (tote bag or publication)
  • Item from our bookstore, hand-picked by Eyelevel annually
  • Sponsorship of two free memberships

* Extra Goodies must be picked up at our location on Cornwallis Street, unless you live outside of Halifax.






Eyelevel is a not-for-profit charitable artist-run centre in K'jipuktuk (Halifax, Nova Scotia), dedicated to the development, presentation, and promotion of contemporary visual art. Through initiatives such as exhibitions, performances, and special projects, Eyelevel has established itself as a supportive environment that fosters the research and development of innovative artistic practices.


Eyelevel was founded in 1974, when Inventions Gallery— initiated in 1972 by a group of women artists— opened its membership to be inclusive of all genders. From its inception, Eyelevel offered an alternative to the practices of established art institutions. Its support of varied cultural activities eventually led to the formation of two additional artist-run organizations—Live Art Dance and the Centre For Art Tapes. Eyelevel was a founding member of the Association of Artist-Run Centres from the Atlantic (Atlantis), and Halifax INK.


Eyelevel is entering its fifth year as an itinerant artist-run centre, moving away from a conventional gallery model in favour of more experimental forms of visual art presentation. Responding to the success of its past offsite projects, Eyelevel has taken ownership of its nomadic reputation, energetically pursuing the model’s potential for artistic facilitation. As we gain stability in this model, our programming has moved beyond offsite exhibitions, and towards projects that reflect the individual practices of the artists, and the spaces we occupy. The shift to a roaming programming model has led to the articulation of a cohesive artistic vision, which prioritizes the research and development of innovative artistic practice.



Your contribution helps to fund our ongoing activities including exhibitions, artist presentations, performances, screenings, and special projects, all of which are offered to the public for free. See below for more information.

If you would like to make a one-time or recurring donation, we are able to provide a charitable receipt for your gift. Please check out our our Canada Helps page for more information.


Membership is more than monetary support. As a member-based organization, your input into Eyelevel’s programming and activities is also critical to our future success. Becoming a member means joining a historically vibrant community of artists in Halifax.

No-Cost Memberships and Volunteerism 

We recognize that paying for a membership is financially unattainable for some, and/or they would prefer a more purpose-driven involvement with the organization. For this reason, we offer the "Push-Pin" $0 volunteer membership, in exchange for 6 hours of work every 6 months. To compensate our volunteers that dedicate a significant amount of their time to Eyelevel through their participation on committees or on our Board of Directors, we will upgrade their membership to our Drill tier.

We also acknowledge that to be able to volunteer is also a financial privilege and we also offer no-cost memberships. Based on donations made by our higher-paying members, we will make free memberships available. 

To apply for either of these memberships, fill out this form.


Our variety of initiatives creates a dynamic body of programming that fulfills our mandate to develop, promote, and present contemporary visual art. All public programs are free and open to the public. In cases where limited attendance is required for reasons of capacity, attendance is solicited and drawn through a lottery, and content is documented for public distribution.

With our core projects, we present challenging work in a variety of media by local, Canadian and international artists. We present 2-3 core projects annually, and supplement our programming year with member’s projects, talks, and the promotion of printed matter through our dedicated Bookstore and our participation in international art book fairs. 

Click here for more information about our 2018-2019 Programming!

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Eyelevel will host a private party for members when we reach 75 members. 
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