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About eyesofashes


^^ You can call me Ash! I'm a 28 year old freelance artist, nice to meet you :3
Most of my work is comprised of making; Twitch emotes, chibis, paintings, and clay models. You name it, I’ll make it! While freelance is my main source of income, on the side I also stream my art as well as games on Twitch! 5 or so years ago I started my Etsy shop making tiny polymer clay Splatoon related charms, I then moved onto leather pouches, wire wrapping, and mini top hats. Fast forward to the present, here I am making digital art for amazing people all over the world 

So here we are, my Patreon
If you're wondering "What is this?" Well, I will try to help explain it! First off, patronage dates back a long time ago. In the history of art, arts patronage refers to the support that kings, popes, and the wealthy provided to artists such as musicians, painters, and sculptors. In the modern age, Patreon is a site where fans, family, and friends can support their favourite artists, like me! It's one way to help support artists such as myself, BUT in return not only are you able to

  1. Join me in my progress on behind the scene sketches of commissions and personal art! ONLY FOR PATREON TO SEE!
  2. Certain tickets grant ART PRINTS! (example of the prints below) ^^ 
  3. Monthly PIP art sketches <3 Pip is my Patreon mascot and she is ready to show you an inside look into her life!
  4. More benefits to come! Q&A's! Movie Nights? Let's talk about it! ^^
Check out how to become a Patron to the right and see what benefits come with each ticket!!!

Tickets: You see the different tickets on the right? Those are what you select to be charged each month and below them they explain what prizes and benefits you get!!! Starting as low as your name at the bottom of my twitch channel, extending to monthly prints cheaper than available to buy, to priority on commissions! Meaning, if my commission queue is open, you can get a boost up in queue. However, this does not automatically make you first, only closer to the top than you originally would have been. If my queue is closed, then it is closed. This is my down time to either catch up or take a mental break <3 Join our community! I would love to have you

Check out my site below:

46% complete
This goal would help me cover my monthly supply costs which in turn would allow me to focus on my passion; which is creating art! And sharing it with you amazing people <3 In addition, I would like to be able to begin offering more benefits to my Patrons <3
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