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We will email you Personal Thank you certificate for supporting our campaign and Ebook. In case we reach our goals we will email you A dedicated copy of our Ebook.

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Winning For The People

Two Free Public Services

We wish to complete a 300-page Ebook about 2 none-profit public services about:

1) Preventing mass layoffs and other hardships! This is our main Project that was designed to protect millions of people from losing your jobs and homes during the 2002 recession and the 2008 banking crisis and save government Billions dollars on bailouts.
The book will include many of past ideas, explanations of why they were blocked, what are the challenges for the future and what we need to do in order to win. We published 15 (and growing) posts about those issues. Read more details below.

2) Helping Caregivers Improve Their Lives: we wish to help caregivers improve their lives, save thousands of dollars and help them establish each year thousands of successful small businesses in their origin countries. This project will save each year thousands of dollars to tens of thousands caregivers and bring to their origin countries hundreds of millions dollars.
Read the details at

We ask your support by reading, sharing and donating to help us complete the Ebook.

1) Preventing mass layoffs and other hardships! 

A project to protect millions of people from losing their jobs and businesses during 2001/2 and 2008 recessions and from losing their homes during the 2008 banking crisis. It would have saved government more than 650 Billion dollars on bailouts and saved the American economy losses of about 20 TRILLION dollars.

Such project was supposed to be the works of governments and agencies with total budgets of billions of dollars. Yet, the reason Eytan ended up doing the work is because He showed greater love and care towards the people than they did.

We are planning to write a 300-page book to include explanations for the reasons government, experts and the public so often fail. It is very important to understand those reasons in order to make sure that next time the people WIN!

Our work is about:

  1. Developing Solutions
We will publish with time dozens of ideas that are still relevant or were relevant in past crises in order to prepare and inspire for future ones.

2. Explaining the reasons governments, experts and the public so often fall so short on overcoming hardships.

There are dozens of social and political issues that limit the people from achieving great recoveries. We will explain each one of them. The public from the beginning is tricked into compromising with low level of desire and commitment to seek and work for the best solutions.
Our book will protect tens of millions in future crises.

We published 15 (and growing) posts about many specific details that will give you much better idea about the messages that will be included in the book.

We explain many issues the people don’t even ask:

Do you know why the Airline bailout of 2001 did not help the hotels, land transportations or any other travel related business?

Government could have done so much better to prevent all layoffs! Why didn't they?

Do you know why the banks received $700 Billions? Do you know why those funds did not even save the homeowners from foreclosures?

Government could have saved Hundreds of Billions Dollars and at the same time save the homeowners and the entire economy. Why didn't they?

Read short article to see how easy it could have been to prevent the 2008 Banking Crisis.

World-wide Project: We use examples of crises in America. Yet, the project is important for Everyone Around the World,

Infusions instead of poor Bailouts: It seems that with each crisis governments spend more funds on bailouts that benefit very few major corporations while bringing poor results for the nation.
We offer Infusion plans in much powerful ways to save Billions of Dollars, infuse the entire economy and create huge business activities that will create jobs and even generate enough taxes to pay the government back.

Claiming the Recoveries - We MUST all Study, claim and prepare NOW in order to execute strong recoveries when the time is needed.

Please help by

A. Studying the material we published so far.

B. Leaving passionate comments and sharing this page and the videos with as many friends you can
Recording a one-minute testimonial will be huge help.
We MUST be prepared before the next major crisis.

C. Supporting our work in order to complete the book, videos and promote them. Your generous contribution will go for a great cause.

The Impacts
- Saving millions of people from losing their jobs, houses and businesses!

- Saving Billions of Dollars on future bailouts and making sure to benefit everybody

- Arranging for much stronger and faster recoveries compare to past experiences

- Lifting the People's Spirit and morale

About the developer:

My name is Eytan Katz. I am just a regular person that was outraged about how the terror attack of September 11th hurt so much the nation's morale and the travel industry. Thus I developed this project with great support of my late father Gideon Katz.

I originally thought that it will take only few weeks of my time before I will get back into my Real Estate "fixer upper" investments venture. However, I soon realized how deep are the problems and ended up dedicating about 10,000 hours till the spring of 2008 for developing the project. However, I was blocked (for reasons we discuss in the posts) and then quitted defeated just few months before the banking crisis.

That was a huge shame because the principles we offered in 2006 (after the poor bailouts of September 11th and of Hurricane Katrina) to replace bailouts for big corporations with infusion plans to support the entire economic food chain would have prevented the banking crisis and would have saved millions from losing their homes and jobs.

I returned to Israel in 2010 broke (I dedicated all my Real Estate funds for the project), very lonely, depressed, discouraged, humiliated and defeated.

My father and I planned a come-back promotion for August 17<sup>th</sup>, 2017. However, he passed away just a day earlier.

I dedicated my efforts for America first and then for the rest of the world. Everybody could win in the future due to this project.

I ask first for your respect by reading our posts. This is the least people should do in order to reward my care for you.

Your encouraging and passionate comments and testimonials will help so much. You have no idea how many negative comments I receive.

Finally, I estimate that my losses of giving up many other business ventures (plus personal "hobbies" and few social activities) were in the millions of dollars. I did this because otherwise nobody else would have done that (and I say this with experience). Please become patron for my work to protect millions of people, to save billions and to boost the nation's morale in the future.

Your generous support will go long way.

Please share this link with your friends
Thank you
Eytan katz

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