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About ezerd

Hello! I'm Ezerd Land. I'm an artist and a writer. You may have seen my adopt a robot series of paintings, standard ezerd model (s.e.m.) robots, xo love atoms, space colonies, or other-worldly beings. You may have encountered my work at any number of shows, events, projects I've done, or in an Art-O-Mat machine. I encourage you to consider being a patron. Every dollar I receive will go toward expanding my reach, producing more work, and bringing happiness to you and all those who see and connect with what I do. If you're unable to contribute at this time, I hope you'll still join me on my journey and follow my Patreon page.

To all my current patrons, thank you for the support, encouragement, kind words, awesome messages, and all the love. You keep me pushing forward. You keep me focused on my vision. You keep me doing what I'm here to do. Many thanks and much love.          - ezerd

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