ezerd is creating happiness - with robots...and much, much more!

jingles club

$1 /mo
Contributing a dollar a month is like putting your loose change in my tip jar. You'll get a huge smile, many thanks, and if I see you - a big hug. 

satellite club

$2 /mo
You're circling. You're orbiting. You're listening. At this level, you'll have access to my Patron-only posts. Post may include work in progress and behind the scenes shots, advanced notice of upco...

sticker club

$3 /mo
Love stickers? Love my stuff? At this level, you'll find yourself holding my latest sticker(s) each month. Stick 'em someplace good. Stick 'em someplace bad. Stick around and collect 'em all. You k...

spark plug club

$5 /mo
At the $5 a month contribution level, you'll receive a little spark of ezerdiness each month! You might get stickers...postcards...a small drawing...a small print...any number of things may find th...

joyride club

$10 /mo
At the $10 level, you'll be getting a nice bit of ezerdy goodness each month to give you a big ol' smile on your face and a burst of joy in your heart. You may receive sticker bundles, postcard set...

happy dance club

$18 /mo
You know when you just have to break on out and do a little happy dance? This tier will do just that for you. Each month you'll receive some ezerdy surprises that will put a smile on your face and ...

nanobot club

$25 /mo
Nanobots! They're teeny and they get everywhere! You can have your own little swarm of them! They work well in a cluster or on their own in any little nook or cranny they can fit. Some nanos have e...

adopt a robot club

$50 /mo
ADOPT A ROBOT CLUB!!! Yay!!! Each month you'll get a new robot from my adopt a robot series! How awesome is that?!?

This ship is full of robots and they're all looking for new homes ...


specimen collector club

$60 /mo
You can't resist those things that draw you in... You must have them... You must collect them... ezerd specimens...ok, ok, they're paintings...or drawings... Your choice... You may also choose to r...

mission control member

$100 /mo
Your feet are firmly planted on Earth, but your eyes are looking up and dreaming dreamy dreams of space! With your $100 monthly pledge, you're helping me to navigate and land some missions of my ow...

space station buddy

$500 /mo
You're not afraid of space! It's in your heart. It's in your blood. We can recognize that in each other. We're space buddies. Let's kick back at a station and discuss some ideas. Want a large work?...

xo of this ship

$1,000 /mo
You're not afraid of ezerdian adventures! You're fearless! You're heading on out there with me! We're in this together! Yes! Where do we want to go? What do we want to do? I've got lots of ideas! I...