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Hello folks. Èzili Dantò here, writing, giving voice to the voiceless and putting forth researched news pieces, and art-with-soul projects to create a more humane New World. I would be eternally grateful for your monthly support to become a 100% viewer-and-reader-funded independent truth defender!

Make a $12:50 per month donation today to become a Silver Reward Èzili subscriber or any custom amount, higher or lesser, as you wish on Patreon. We have three tiers. Any and all ongoing patronage amounts are much appreciated and you'll see and inspire more and more Èzili Dantò art and justice work in appreciation.

Thank you for coming to my new Patreon page. The best way to make sure you keep seeing the material I regularly put out, even if you're not a Patreon contributor, is to subscribe to my mailing list by sending an email to [email protected] and writing "mailing list" on the subject line. Keep up also at our website at: ezilidanto.com and the Èzili youtube channel. With your help, we'll be able to make more regular videos, expand to the commentary videos you've been asking for, grow our Zili Channel, Èzili News Network and the Èzili Dantò brand. The more you help with a financial donation here, the more work you'll see across all our platforms and you'll be notified about all new interviews and writings through the Èzili News Network mailing list. Keep up also with our regular postings on the social media platforms.

In addition to ongoing patronage, you can also send a one off donation here if you prefer - on paypal. There's also the nonprofit Zili Dlo, if you wish to support a Haiti-led, Haiti-capacity building solar energy clean water project - donate here. I've been stepping up to the Establishment's colonial news machine for quite some time and today, folks say that:  "Èzili Dantò is an internationally recognized human rights attorney, art-with-soul artist, scholar, activist, award-winning playwright, performance poet and cultural activist. She's a master Haitian Vodun dance teacher and choreographer specializing in promoting global Black empowerment, liberation, self-determination and rejects profit-over-people values, the corporatocracy and corporations having more rights than human beings. Èzili was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti, raised in the United States and has been referred to as the "spiritual mother of Haiti" for her consistent two-decades long liberation work. Èzili's art and justice work was honored in 2018 by the Connecticut Women Hall of Fame."

I'd love your monthly support to take this work to a broader audience and to put the voluminous amount of essays and interviews you'll find out there from me, into documentaries, books and more Zili Design merchandises.

Make an ongoing Patreon contribution to support more work from Èzili Dantò of HLLN/FreeHaiti and help us write more Kreyòl translated works for those who have been asking for this but I've not had resources to make that more possible. It takes money folks! Looking forward to getting a few patrons from this platform... If you don't support then don't complain about wanting more!

For a look at our most recent interviews, here are some links. With your Patreon support we'd be able to focus on making more videos to build our platform to a wider audience base. See:

Deep State Black Ops Caught in Act, Prt 1:

Deep State Black Operation Caught in Act in Haiti: Èzili Dantò part 2

Èzili on the Inside Story of U.S. Mercenaries Arrested in Haiti

If you appreciate any of the interviewswritings on the website, historical and cultural heritage works and the Haiti news postings, become a patron to Èzili Dantò to help us grow the brand and you'll get special access to patron-only posts.--- Èzili Dantò
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The goal is to reach 500 Patrons at the first tier level and provide them more exclusive and free content. We give voice to the voiceless, covering important topics from a perspective not supported by other platforms and this base of support will allow my channel to continue to cover any subject without restrictions due to funding. When I reach 500 patrons at the first tier, I'll release either an eBook, graphic novel or, if funding make possible, a video documentary on the Warrior Women of the Haiti Revolution who inspire my art and justice work.

These funds will also allow the channel and websites to grow and collaborate with like minded scholars, activists, journalists, artists, radio hosts and social leaders to bring expanded awareness to a wider audience with Èzili sponsored documentaries, videos, social activism, books, art, cultural and FreeHaiti events.

We are in a very fast changing world where many positive and negative changes are happening quickly around us. Èzili Dantò speaks about how we all must, together, go beyond the Left/Right divide to find common ground. Her advocacy writings are at the forefront in defining the new tools and cloaks of domestic and global imperialism. Its villain-hero pathology, arsonist-fireman shticks, free trade new Jim Crow fraud and weaponized charity. Together we need to raise our awareness by shining a very bright light on the dark and light side of humanity so positive changes can occur. Time is now to make a difference for our future.

Thank you for supporting Èzili Dantò's videos, writings, art projects and news analysis posts.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts

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