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About Ezmiuski

I try to rid my old thoughts through art.


For a solid ten years, I absolutely hated myself; I will not say the hate was undeserved.

I was insufferable. Lazy, abrasive, arrogant, dismissive. Yes, I had been a product of my environment, but I chose to perpetuate the negativity. How else would I justify my behavior?

When I left home, I hoped a change of scenery would change the product. It doesn’t work that way. I’ve removed many people from my life. I’ve been removed by many more.

My life is a series of realizations. After each one, I change my behavior. I’ve done that enough times to trust the process. But the process doesn’t garner redemption. I was an awful person. Nothing I do now changes what was done then. I can only be better.

I was negative energy, I brought others down, and I created painful moments.

And I'd like to leave that baggage in the past.

I sincerely hope you can empathize with some part of this.

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