Ezra W. Smith is creating illustrations, comic books, contemporary embroidery

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Supportive Leo
$5 or more per month 1 patron
Supportive Leo will receive all basic benefits of being my patron, such as access to the closed posts on Patreon, access to closed Facebook group "Drawing for a Better World", where my students and I share our art + my newsletter. I still love you even though it's just 5 bucks.
Leo that is falling for me
$10 or more per month 1 patron
Leo that is falling for me can take this awesome course I've created free of charge! It's a 4-day illustration course “Drawing for a Better World”, where I’ll share with you some of my ideas about illustration, art in general, my purpose in life and other cool things. 
Leo in love
$30 or more per month 1 of 12 patrons
So if you are that generous you will get two amazing gifts from me (besides all of the other benefits): 

- a personalized portrait, you can learn more about it here

-you will always get pdf-versions of all my zines and all other comic-books and mini-books I'll create. 


- Your name will be mentioned as a sponsor in the foreword of my zines, comic-books and mini-books.

P.S. I love you too.