Fabi Aguilar

is creating Surfer's portrait illustrations




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About Fabi Aguilar

Hi everyone!
I am a Spanish surfer's illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia.

My work is characterised by surfers portrait’s illustration in B&W mixed with boho drawings in bright colours.
This is the result of all the experiences that I have been going through throughout my life:

Black and white portraits represent my past as a photographer and my mom’s job.
Surf is one of my father’s biggest hobbies.
Boho drawings are a mixture of all the cultures that have been living with along the years: the Argentinian prints (where my mum is from), the Senegalese patterns (where I lived), the Moroccan prints (very close to the south of Spain where I spent a big part of my life) and the Australians (where I currently live).
Bright colours represent 2 of the places that left a big mark on me: the south of Spain and the Caribbean. Both destinations are characterised by an abundant sun, beautiful sunsets, lots of tropical vegetation and the sea.

I really hope that you like that mix!!