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You will get access to the monthly release, consisting of fantastic .stl files for your own joy and printers.
"The Battle Axe allows you to download the monthly release as a trusty long-time runner Patron"

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About Fabio Schizzo

The Current Release

Hi, I am Fabio "Schizzo" Rizzo, the creator of Fabio Schizzo Miniatures Patreon.
Since you are here, thanks for manifesting your interest in my project, I hope to meet you soon!
Everyhting started two years ago, when I discovered Patreon's platform; at that time, releasing stls files was very rare so I juimped in with little or no expectations. The support given by my Patrons grew up month after month driving me today to my third consecutive project on this platform

Why Patreon?
Patreon is the perfect tool for content creators, It helps to build up a sincere and close relationship between the artis and the supporters allowing to develop the project you ever dreamt!
Here is how it works:
You subscribe to a so called "Tier" by paying a fix contribution in exchange of "contents" and goods...easy right?

The current Project: RETROCRUSADE
In the last two years, I sculpted a looot of miniatures, mostly suited for D&D and other classic role playing games; my original project was to "recreate" some classical fantasy archetypes of heroes and villains from my childhood favourite boardgames; I worked for an entire year with the objective of releasing the "Version 1" set (the one you will receive if you join for the first time as commercial), but something was missin: my personal touch of love.

That's why RETROCRUSADE is born; thanks to my Patrons eventually suggesting it and supporting it, I realized the need of classical reinterpretation of miniaturesd resculpted in a totally fresh and personal mood: a love letter to our childhood.

The regular Tiers
To join my Patreon and start the journey in our community, you can choose among two distinct kind of services depending on if you want to just enjoy your 3d printed miniatures or if you want to resell the prints in your stores.
Let's start from the easiest: you have a 3d printer and you want to just print and play/painting the miniatures for your personal joy and use.
At this level you can join two tiers:

The only difference is the cost! The first one is a sort of "Early bird", dedicated to all my previouses patrons as long term reward. If you can find a spot just grab it, otherwise your choice will be to join the "Broadsword" Tier.
By joining one of those, you automatically unlock the possibility to download the miniature release of the CURRENT MONTH, the right to participate to polls and contest as well as joining the community. Every month a dropbox link will be provided and you will have time until the next release to download it before it expires.

The Merchant Tiers
If you'd like to include my miniatures in your stores catalogues, the two tiers you want to look at are:

the difference is, again, in the cost and in the jumpstart condition.
The first Tier "Treasure Hoard" is limited in spots, dedicated to long term Patrons, while the second one is for new Patrons. Both the Tiers include the rights to sell 3d prints of Fabio Schizzo Miniatures (including the ones regularly bought on my online stores). The "Gold!" Tier will recive additionally at joining, the "KICKSTART RELEASE", a set of 17 miniatures as the image below:

As long as you stay on those Tiers you keep the rights to sell my miniatures. Should you discontinue the subscription, you are required to remove all my miniatures from your catalogue/stores/ebay/whatever.
You will be required to fill a license agreement at joining (a google form); you will receive directions and logos as well to include in the products descriptions.

The monthly rewards
Each month, no matter your Tier, you will receive a release of fine sculpted .stl miniatures. The regular release will consist of at least 3 (three) miniatures with interchangeable weapons, a scenic display  base, a furniture sculpt and all the additional rewards unlocked as the Patreon goes on. Here is the release plan for the entire Season that will last a year (not necessarily in this order)...sometimes you will decide which one releasing first and some aspect of the miniatures.

Printing Notes
I have experience in 3d printing both SLA/DLP and FDM, so as I recommend the use of SLA/DLP machines, I saw some great results also by FDM printer.
There are a lot of affordable and precise resin printer; I personally owned an Anycubic Photon, Elegoo Mars and soon the Elegoo Saturn that work like a charm for printing detailed minis; The slicer I use is CHITUBOX but there are valid alternatives like Prusa Slicer, Zsuite and Formware. The best results are achieved, in resin printing, by putting at an angle the model (in the direction you foresee there will be less supports needed), put auto light support and eventually adding manually medium support in critical areas. Don't underestimate the possibility to print the miniature upside down! If you need assistance I can share my settings with you. For FDM, I own a Cetus 3d and an Ender3. Those gave me extraordinary results in printing experience and I suggest you to download the cura profile by Fat Dragon Games for printing very neat miniatures. In FDM just put the model vertical and possibly use tree supports.

License Disclaimer
All the stl files released are covered by CC Non Commercial - Attribution License aside from what explained for the Commercial Tiers. I stress the concept you can only sell the prints from your machines; no castings, no reselling is permitted and I reserve the right to unsubscribe who violates the terms. Additionally you are required to fill and accept the Online agreement provided.

Q:How can I download the monthly miniatures pack?
A:The releases are released on a monthly basis, roughly the first week of every month you will find a post with a little explanation of the release and the link to the "monthly pack"; by clicking on it the dropbox link you will be able to download the archive with the stls

Q:Is there any time limitation for selling license?
A:The only time limitation is linked to the subscription, so as long as you are on the Merchant Tiers, you can sell the prints; should you unsubscribe or change Tiers, the right to sell will immediatley cease and you will be required to remove the products from your selling channels.

Q:Can I sell the past years miniatures if I am on "Merchant" Tiers?
A:Absolutely yes. If you are my Patron and you bought them regularly on the stores sure you can!!!

Q:I lost a previous chapter of the Patreon...can I have it in some way?
A:I took the decision of releasing monhtly in order to sustain the work due on the Patreon; you can still buy the previous chapter miniatures and props in my store
or for RETROQUEST ones, as exclusive on my personal website

If you like my work and you want to discuss on projects, you can send me a private message or contact me at my artstation on facebook page.
and the link to my facebook page

32 - reached! patrons
"If I earn 100$ per month I will start releasing two miniatures per month"
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 212 exclusive posts

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