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Hello everybody!
We’re Leah and Min (Averxy and Minyan) from Fablesoft.

The both of us are very dedicated to making visual novels, and up until the point of making this Patreon page we’ve already done three together (HeartbakedEllaria: Cotton and Cream, and Plain), and we’re working on our third (Toil & Trouble)! Minyan has her own game (Arena Circus), and together we have many, many more ideas.

Why Patreon?
For a few reasons!

Currently Averxy is unable to work a regular job due to health reasons. If she could get enough money to take care of herself she would be able to work much more! And that means more games!

Fablesoft so far has only released games that are ‘Pay What You Want’, and because of this we haven’t made enough to be able to commission any extra team members. (We made Ellaria all on our own!) With Patreon we would be able to commission team members and make bigger, and better games!

So what would the funds go towards?
The majority of the money would go towards our games. We’d be able to commission people and buy better programs and equipment! Some of it would also go towards Averxy’s living expenses, and if we have enough donations per month she may also be able to get the physical therapy she needs to actually work again!

Thank you for checking out our page, and considering supporting us! This means so much, and it would be incredibly helpful.

So again! Thank you!

Leah: @Averxyy
Min: @CapMinyan

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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