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Hey you. Yeah you. You're awesome. Thank you! This gets you access to the patron only feed, and all the first look content I put there.
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Well aren't you kind! This tier gets you access to a patron exclusive persistent chat room, where posts never fade! Stop by and read what we've been talking about and throw your two cents in. You'll also have early access to all streaming events, plus advance notification of new projects! 
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"Quantity has a quality all its own. - Commissar Stalin"

Greetings Gaurdsman! At this tier, you get access to vote on themes for upcoming events, build days and a more direct hand in the kind of content I put out for patrons to see! You will also get access to my google drive, where I store copies of all the reference materials and files I use for any of my builds! A veritable treasure trove of assorted prop goodness. Going forward, this area will get progressively more organized.This tier also includes all previous tiers.



About Fabricator Djinn

Who is this nerd?

I'm just a guy who really likes to spend his free time building shiny/pointy objects in his garage with his dog.

I've built armor from Star Wars, Warhammer 40k, and the Diablo series. I've built guns, swords, axes, trinkets, and chainswords. Hell I've even built a giant saddle for an over-sized macaroni noodle! Some of these have been commissions, some personal projects.. but all of them were loads of fun!

Thats nice but, why Patreon?

I'm starting this because I want to do more work in the shop, and find ways to include you (the community) and other builders in the fun. I work full time in IT services, and as such everything more or less has to be done on the weekends or after a long day of work. This makes it fairly hard to find time and energy to do all the things I'd like to. The things that get lost in my exhaustion are tutorials,  build write upsexplanation videos and all the fun little things that make this community such a great place. 

I don't know how I would have learned to do what I do if I wasn't able to lean on the expertise of the prop and cosplay community, and being able to give back some of that knowledge is high on my priority list.

What would the money go towards?

The money from this Patreon is likely to go directly back into the shop. New tools, new equipment, better streaming gear, more events. Once goals are met, money from this page will get funneled into bringing guest builders down to my shop for build days (gas, food, bribes.. you know) for build events streamed for the world to see! 

I love seeing how other people build their props, and the collaboration and fun that becomes possible when you stick a bunch of prop builders in the same room and tell them to build something quickly is amazing to watch (in my opinion). I want to see more of that, and a big part of this Patreon is to help enable those events to occur with increasing frequency and effectiveness.

With additional income, I would also be able to shift my priorities more towards creating more content. This would include tips, tutorials, build logs and videos - as it stands these things get moved to the back-burner more often then I'd like due to my dwindling free time.

Will you still be producing content for non patrons?

Of course! What I do wouldn't have been possible without the wonderful people in this hobby/industry being willing to share their knowledge. People like the good folks at  Volpin Props and Punished Props have shared so many of their techniques with the world, and we are all the better for it. I feel very strongly about emulating this kind of helpful attitude, and hope the content I provide here and elsewhere can be as useful to you as their knowledge was to me.

In short, I wont be holding content back behind a paywall. Patrons will get a more personal look into the build process, and early access/trinkets plus a hand in what content I actually provide. Not to mention additional resources and reference material - but everyone benefits in the end!


I have a full time job. The nature of my work cuts into my creativity and time pretty significantly, and because of this I won't be able to produce a massive amount of content immediately - I just dont have the time/energy. As this page grows and goals are met I will devote increasingly large amounts of time to content production - with a drastic increase in frequency of content as some of the higher end goals loom closer. Eventually, I hope to be making interesting things full time - but I'm not there yet. 

Some of my projects are NDA blocked aswell, so in the event those projects are occurring when I have a scheduled stream or otherwise, I may not be able to show you what I am working on ;_;

A warm Thank You

If you've made it this far, thank you. This page is a test of the future for me, in a way. I have much I want to do here, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to check it out. Whether you choose to contribute or not, I hope you enjoyed whatever work led you here. You can check out my continuously free other works at the below sites. Thank you again!

Website:  www.Fabricatordjinn.com
Facebook:  Here
Instagram:  Here
Twitter:  Here

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You've bought me beer and paid for some of our monthly consumables! I owe yah one!
If this goal is met I will do a silly build session once a month for Patrons only where I will get more and more sloshed as the stream progresses. I will stream this live for Q/A and community shenanigans purposes. Questions aren't limited to props here, the goal is fun. I will hopefully still provide decent information, but I may just end up telling fart jokes and playing funny cat videos from the internet while wasting my materials. YMMV. This event may have guest appearances or multiple bodies.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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