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About The Faceoff Circle

Hey there! My name is Jeff Veillette, and I'm a hockey writer, analyst, and general enthusiast from Toronto, Canada. 

It goes without saying that managing a platform, tracking game data, researching for content, writing the content, and being at the rink (present situation exempted) takes up a lot of time, money, and opportunity cost. My goal is to give as much as my work as possible regardless of what I get back to balance it out, but obviously, getting whatever I can back would make it all easier. Subscriptions pay for expenses such as hosting, transportation, video and data subscriptions required to research and track, technical and stationary equipment, and much more. To be able to do that at a full-on level while remaining in the green would be spectacular.

While there are other ways the site can generate income - ads for guests, commissions, merchandise, etc, the subscription model remains the most reliable. If you subscribed under the old internal Faceoff Circle system, your accounts have been grandfathered as Ultra Members, even if you were paying a lower cost rate. Grandfathered accounts will also work for life, even if you cancel payments, as a thank you for supporting the site in its leaner beginnings. For new members, the four tiers are as follows:

Basic Member - This is a simple way to support my work if you're not looking for much on the feature front. It disables advertisements on the site, allows you to comment on articles, and gets you a follow from the site accounts on Twitter and Instagram.

Standard Member - Want an inside look at the data I'm considering when weaving together content? Often, these ideas will lead to bigger data projects - this gives you access to portals where tables of information used to inform my professional hockey content are hosted, for you to play with and use for yourself.

Ultra and Ultimate Member - These additional features will be made more detailed when we're a little closer to post-COVID normalcy - most of the additional content well likely centre around local scouting - something that I've done in private work and would like to carry over to the site. Both of these tiers are identical - Ultimate is for those who are feeling particularly generous and supportive.

Whichever route you choose to go - one of the above memberships, or continuing to read for free - I appreciate your support greatly and look forward to delivering my thoughts to you!


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Covers the expenses necessary to run this site at a full-on capacity - hosting, local rink-to-rink transportation, stationary & tech, game tape streaming services, app and content access, etc.
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