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Since August 8th, 2001, Face Off Hockey Show has been providing a podcast about life with a 30% of hockey. The show has been jumping around the iTunes ranks and have been pleased to have a very devoted fan base both near and far since the show started in 2001. We've done live shows to meet fans, been to countless NHL and minor league hockey events, and have been fueled by wanting to get our ideas out there to everyone in hopes that they feel somewhat the same. The connections we've made have been great and hopefully can expand in the future on this.

In January 2017, Face Off Hockey Show created the Face Off Hockey Show Media Faction, which became an umbrella for Face Off Hockey Show and their new show, The Soderstrom Bubble-- a podcast about the history of hockey. 

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In honor of Mike Liut, with only a dollar a month, you'll get included in our show shout-outs at the end of both Face Off Hockey Show and The Soderstrom Bubble. A small thanks to you for helping us out. 
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The Langways are the sturdy folks and on top of the shoutout; we'll give you a poll option on a weekly segment topic you'd want us to talk about and majority rules, thus we will talk about that topic. We'll also get a take from a patron who voted for the winning pick.

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