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About Face of Grace

Welcome to Face of Grace! Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet.  This is a space for you to learn more about your skin, some at home techniques and tips, and to take a deep dive into the crazy world of skincare products and ingredients. My name is Valene Grace and I’m a licensed esthetician with plenty of opinions on the skincare world.

Growing up I never had the best skin, but it was not super problematic skin either. I occasionally experienced redness and inflammation under the skin. I even periodically had some papules and cysts pop up (once on the tip of my nose that wouldn't go away for months!). It wasn’t ideal but it was manageable. But by the time I hit my mid twenties my skin really started to act up and affect my daily life. That whole, "acne is just something teens get when going through puberty" is completely false for a fair number of us. I scoured the internet for every celebrity skincare hack I could find and spent hundreds on as many different products as I could get my hands. All the while hoping that one of them would be the magical band-aid that my skin needed. To my dismay, none of the remedies or products worked.

I started seeing an esthetician and getting regular facials. In short order things really started to change and improve for me. My entire way of thinking about the skin began to shift and as it did, my approach to skincare changed as well. While laying on the bed getting a facial, with a knowledgeable esthetician talking me through the skincare process, I began to think of how useful all of this information was, and how many people out there were just as confused and frustrated as I had been. That's the moment when I decided to pivot my career from office administrator to licensed Esthetician!

But enough about me, let’s talk about you and what this community aims to provide. Grace is my middle name but more importantly, it is a word that evokes kindness, thoughtfulness, and understanding. This is the approach I take towards skincare. This is not a space for Instagram perfection, unrealistic expectations, or superficial judgement. We all have pores and imperfections - lets be kinder in accepting our imperfections and view our skin with the grace and patience it deserves. We are here to be kind to our skin through all of its conditions and changes to get it to a place where we are happy with what we see!

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