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About Fact Hunt

Fact Hunt is a social platform to tackle fake news. You can connect with other users to share and discuss any trending topics, controversial news and stories. It is India’s most unbiased fact checking website and committed to burst any fake news shared by any media. It is a unique platform which brings both side of the story on the same table. Our debate section shows the stand of both left and right wing on any trending and controversial stories. Unlike any other fact checking website, we are managed by our community members thus getting rid of the biases of central authority.

How it works?
1. Select a claim to verify facts:
We monitor news websites and social media like facebook and twitter. our readers can send us messages or tag us on facebook and twitter to check facts about the news that are going viral. We select the claim for verification if it is newsworthy.

2. Choosing between discussion and post
Once the story is selected, we try to figure out if the story can have two sides or the story can have two different versions. If we are convinced that story can have two different versions then we post it as discussion on our platform and present the both sides of the story by dividing it into left wing and right wing. If our readers are not convinced with our responses then then can add their own version. We promise we will never remove any responses as long as it is related to the story.

However if we find that story is straightforward and debate is not required to present neutral view on the story then we post it as an article on our platform.

3. Look for evidence and data in favour or against any story or claim
We search for all publicly available resources on the story. We search for data on social media, news websites, government databases and other trustworthy sources.

4. Community driven approach to solve fake news
If any user find anything wrong on our platform then they can submit their version of the story on our platform. Any user can post an article on our website or start a debate to counter fake news.

4. Ratings to news websites
We also give ratings to news websites based on accuracy of their news. Rating process is completely community driven.
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Will hire paid employees for research work so that we can cover more number of topics every day. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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