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This tier will get you my real and true gratitude, and all my pay-what-you-want games that go on!

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In addition to my gratitude, this tier will get all of my future games priced at $10 or less that go on, when they go up. 

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Patrons who pledge $10 or more a month will get a copy of the Exodus zine, and any future zines I publish as long as they pledge!  This tier will be helping me start and maintain Strike Through Press, an indie press dedicated to helping RPG designers get their games in print at prices they can afford. I won't be able to share everything that Strike Through publishes by other designers, but any games created by me will be mailed to all Angel patrons as they hit print! New patrons will get Exodus (if they haven't already backed my Patreon, or want another copy) when they sign up, and any future games after their sign-up when they go out.




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About Erika Shepherd

Hi! I'm Erika Shepherd, a games designer living and working in Vermont. I write sad gay games at My games include Exodus, a game of trans angels on the run, which is on Kickstarter until the end of February,  Wreckage in the Ring, about post-apocalyptic teenage mecha deathmatch wrestling, and Divinity, about learning to love your body (when your body is an immense heavenly machine of war). In the first half of February, I also hosted the Felonious Fauna 2k19 game jam.

I lost my day job in January (and shortly thereafter, my partner who had been helping to financially support me), so I'm trying to make ends meet as a full-time games designer. That's where you come in! For starters, I'm gonna offer all my games for patrons at $5/mo or more, and you'll get the others as I write them! I'm not in a position to promise a game a month, but given that I plan to participate in the RPGDF's #12jam - 12 game jams in 12 months - I'm hoping to release at least that many! 

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