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Kind Souls

$1 /creation
Honestly? We're honored that you'd support us at all, let alone do it financially. For $1 per episode, you'll get:

  • Your name on our website and a link to your personal project, Twitt...

Gracious Supporters

$5 /creation
For $5 an episode, you've helped us pay our hosting bill for the year! Wow. On top of everything above, you'll get:

  • Access to a special subscriber-only feed, in which we'll do specia...

Incredible Geniuses

$10 /creation
For $10 per episode, you'll receive our eternal gratitude, everything mentioned above, and:

  • The opportunity to pitch us a topic! Want to see us cover a certain piece of media or ...

Best Friends

$15 /creation
For $15 per episode, you're our new best friend and, even better, you get all of the above in addition to:

  • Unedited episode downloads. We don't know why you'd want this. We're a mess...

Powerful Pitchers

$25 /creation
For $25 per episode, we're in total awe of you and bow down at your feet. Also, you'll get everything above and:

  • We have to do an episode on your media. It's like pi...

B.A. Backers

$30 /creation
For $30 per episode, you pretty much own us, don't you? On top of everything else, you get:

  • One (or more, depending on what it is) free piece of merchandise costing under $30 from Re...

Executive Producers

$40 /creation
For $40 per episode, we're making our thanks heard every dang episode. In addition to the above, you get:

  • An executive producer credit in every episode
  • Two additiona...

Actual Deities

$75 /creation
For $75 per episode, we're in awe and you get something weird and silly as a result. We'll deliver, we just want you to know that it's weird and silly. In addition to everything above, you'll get: