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is creating radical autistic literature and art
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About Fallon Binns

I'm an autistic and nonbinary leftist writing a non-fiction book criticizing and exposing the oppressive and predatory nature of Applied Behavior Analysis. Most leftists in my experience are not knowledgeable about disability and even less so about autism and ABA, so that's history and theory I hope to expose more able-bodied and neurotypical leftists to. Simultaneously, in my experience, most parents of autistic children also don't know enough about autism and ABA. As frustrated as #ActuallyAutistic activists tend to get with autism parents (myself included), I recognize that this ignorance is mostly not their fault--their ignorance of what autistic PTSD looks like in kids, how ABA is actually experienced, and their hateful attitudes towards autistic people are the products of manufactured consent.

Your Patreon support helps support me as a disabled writer. I historically struggle in the typical workplace due to ableism, and I know most capitalist workplaces are just too much for me. It is difficult to accept that this is okay, that my worth is not determined by what I can do that capitalists consider "productive work." I need money to pay for rent, meds, and groceries while I'm in the writing process!


$1- Helper: Early access to certain content, including long-form blog posts, Patreon-exclusive book reviews, Lens content, and whatever YouTube content I end up creating.
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$20- Comrade: Digital and physical copies of the book, and early access to everything else above.
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When I reach $200 per month, I'll start my YouTube channel. I plan to start it with or without this amount, but at this point I will DEFINITELY be able to buy some new equipment and software to make a YouTube channel possible, such as a webcam and AfterEffects.
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