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You've been touched by the Radiant Spirit of Mutation. The first step on your journey to nuclear enlightenment has been made!
Your donation will help PJ survive in the wastes - he can now buy more water from the Water Merchants.

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At least that's what your dad, the Master told you. You love him, he always buys the best toys for you - rocket launchers, miniguns and flamethrowers.

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  • Access to patron-only posts and behind the scenes content and news!
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About PJ & Co

Fallout: Yesterday is a Post Nuclear RPG.
It is a free Van Buren game in Fallout 2 engine.

.::The Game::.

Fallout: Yesterday is about survival after a nuclear war which obliterated the human civilization.
As the player, your background is that of a prisoner in a giant automated underground prison, called TIBBETS. Are you a criminal or simply innocently imprisoned? That's up to you!

I was falsely accused! 

Imprisoned for life? I got what I deserved...

Now the time has come to break out and leave the cold steel halls behind, in your past.
You start to plan the big escape and brave the unknown terrors that await in the wastes.

At the beginning of the game, you will be able to choose from several developed characters or use the detailed character creation rules to make the character that you want to play.
.::The Summary::.

  • Van Buren in Fallout 2 engine!
  • In this game you'll be able to do anything.
  • It's free for everybody to enjoy! Download it using the links below.
  • Developed by PJ & Co (The contractors who produce music, 3D artwork, voice overs...) 

.::Download the latest release::.


- Installer password is winter 2022 (Space between included too.)


To play this Post Nuclear RPG you *have* to own a copy of Fallout 2 (c) Bethesda.

.::Install guide in 7 easy steps!::.

1. Extract the game to a folder of your choice
2. Copy fallout2.exe, master.dat, critter.dat and patch000.dat files to the base directory (the one with patch001.dat)
3. (Optional) Rename fallout2.exe to fallouty.exe
4. (Optional) Reduce screen brightness to 15% and turn on Night Light (if available on your OS). The game was made with a specific art style supported by the original Fallout developers and this is how it's intended to look and feel. It is playable on other types of settings though but might not look as good!
5. (Optional) To pick new Traits, leave one or two slots open during character creation.
6. (Optional) The game uses original blue cave tileset from Fallout 1. If you want to go back to brown cave tileset, delete patch002.dat file.
7. Use your skills, items and weapons, observe the details, experiment, enjoy!
.::The Gallery::.

Welcome to the wasteland, prisoner!

A wallpaper for you! And a cool tribute to Fallout 2 by the talented Ursa.

Is it day or night? In this underground prison, nobody really knows.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here! - shouted the crazy cultist in front of Hecate's Pyramid.

The school's empty. Where are all the kids?

Oh, here they are. Playing inside the cult's holy symbol!

They survived the nuclear Armageddon?

.::About Me::.

I'm PJ, a huge Fallout fan since 1997.
Some might know me as hexer or FalloutFansEditor or yaballa.
I always wanted to play Van Buren so I'm making it a part of my reality - I write code and dialogs, render and paint art, build and play in the world of Fallout: Yesterday using Fallout 2 engine.

Every Fallout fan, new and old, will get to play it for free so I invite you to join me on this journey through the wastes and drop in from time to time to see how I'm doing!
Consider supporting me even with €1 - utility bills, 3D cinematics and voice acting are all being funded by myself alone.

  • No cent will be spent on anything else but this game.
  • You will get reports and bills for everything I purchase with our money.
  • If any or all of the money you gave is left unspent, you will get a refund.

See you in the wastes mutant brothers and sisters!


Discord: https://discord.gg/UW36Ms7
E-mail: [email protected]

Or send me a message here on Patreon!

.::Project History::.

I started working alone on the game in late 2013. under alias hexer but was soon joined by many other Fallout fans from all around the world who helped in any way they could.
The project was paused in late 2014. after we ran into some serious technical issues regarding our engine of choice back then - FOnline. 

After that, I spent years pursuing the knowledge and skills in game development, knowing that one day I would come back and make an even better game.
That day has finally arrived - rejoice mutants around the wastes!
68 of 500 patrons
Another hard-working developer joins me to help create the game faster and beautify the world of Fallout: Yesterday even more!
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