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About Joshua

Hi! Thanks for sticking your face in here!

I love making comics and art and I'm so happy that I live in a time when I can share my work with so many people. It's a great privilege for me.

Here's the short and juicy of it: if you like my work and would like to see more of it, please consider supporting False Knees with a few dollars a month! You could think of it as a small tip to encourage me to continue making comics.

What you will find in this Patreon:

My partner, Mélodie, a long-term False Knees fan, will be posting weekly on my behalf. These will include behind-the-scenes sketches I do for inspiration, in-progress comics, sneak peeks of artwork, occasional raffles, and the odd “slice of life” comic that won’t be published anywhere else! Also updates on projects that I'm working on behind-the-scenes. 

What's up with the tiers: 
I've recently changed my tier system, and I have decided to make my Patreon content accessible to every patron, no matter the amount. I know not everyone always has money to spare, so I appreciate any support! However, if you can, please consider pledging $3/month. I work on False Knees full-time, so I rely on generous patrons like you to keep making comics! ❤️

All the best,

100% complete
I would like to get a quality printer to start making my own prints! This goal will help offset the cost of a new machine and fine inks and papers. Not only will this expedite shipping of my comics and art, I'll be able to have more control over the quality of my products!
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