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Welcome to the Patreon for False Swipe Gaming! First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to even view this Patreon page! Any support towards False Swipe Gaming helps immensely! False Swipe Gaming is a channel devoted to creating sleek, concisely edited gaming videos that aim to inform and entertain. Part of what makes it so tempting to sink yourself into the competitive scene of a game is the wealth of information and trivia behind them  - but sometimes, it can be hard to find all that knowledge in a consolidated source. I want to share the deep histories and intricacies behind my favorite games (Pokemon and Smash Bros. mainly for now but I'm down to branch off into other things) in an easy-to-digest and enjoyable format. 

Why do we need this Patreon?
FSG wants to use the extra money from this Patreon in order to commission more artists, editors, and writers in order to make content faster and make more series! We have a tons of ideas but what we really lack is time. Having more people on board gives us more time! Now I could try to get people to do work for the channel for free but I think that is messed up and good work should be properly compensated. Until recently, I have been doing everything on my own (research, writing, editing, etc). I can afford to pay a writer and a sound person to work on the main series for the time being but like I said, I have A LOT more ideas that I want to bring to life, I just lack the time.

Who am I?

Hi! My name is Kellen. I’m a grad student going to school for editing in film production. I’m looking to use my editing skills to make content on something that’s been with me forever. I’ve been playing Pokemon since I got Pokemon Red for my 4th birthday and it’s been a dedicated love affair ever since. I hope I can tap into some of that almost 20-year old obsession and spread it with all of you. I also love Smash and other competitive games and one day hope to make FSG a hub for everything you need to know on other competitive games. With your support, I will be able to accomplish just that while hanging out with you, the dedicated FSG fan base, in the process. ANY support helps and I am of course eternally grateful to you for even considering. 

Once again Thank you so much for your consideration!

All the best,



TWO VIDEOS A WEEK: Information and Transparency regarding the Patron goal
Hey everyone! It appears that we are approaching the only goal we have on this Patreon of $600 a month. First off, I would like to say, thank you so much to everyone who is directly supporting False Swipe Gaming through this Patreon. You are all great! With that, I will present you information on the 2nd weekly videos which I will dub in this post as "Secondary Content."Secondary Content:
The secondary content will be of shorter length for a couple of reasons. The first reason being: since I am approaching my last year of Grad school, the work load will most certainly pile up due to the yearly final project. The second reason being: I am thinking about expanding FSG's horizons overall via a separate gameplay channel of some sorts or possibly twitch plays. I am still thinking about this though as making videos without editing them properly just does not feel right to me. The subject of the secondary content itself will also, not be random per se, but will not be very consistent since I want to try different ideas. As for some ideas I have, I was thinking the history of Pokemon abilities would be a decent start. I also have other Pokemon gens and Smash mechanics explained videos in mind.

Frequency of Uploads:

I will try my absolute best to upload two edited videos a week. However, if I feel as though I need a break or if the workload really piles up during the week due to school work or an exceptionally long Pokemon video, I reserve the right to take this break so I don't burn myself out. If this affects whether or not you want to continue monetary support via Patreon, I COMPLETELY understand and I will not fault you for stopping support after reading this. With that being said, some videos may be uploaded earlier in the week or on Saturday, the day before the weekly videos. It really depends on how long it takes me to produce the content. I honestly think Saturday seems like a great day for the secondary content anyways but I understand if people want earlier uploads. In order to keep the upload schedule consistent but the quality similar to the weekly Sunday videos, once again, the subject will most likely be smaller concepts in Pokemon and Smash. However, I have several videos on the back-burner already which are longer, so those will most likely take up a secondary content space.

That's pretty much it. If I'm being completely honest, I grossly underestimated the amount of money it would take to make secondary content. However, I did not want to move the goal post since I think that's messed up. Thank you again for the overwhelming support, it means so much to me. Thank you for reading and have a fantastic day!

- Kellen
100% complete
Remember, this Patreon is mainly so I can pay other editors, writers, and artists to assist in making more content. If I get an additional $600 a month, I will be able to upload a new series in addition to the weekly Competitive History video every other week! That's two videos bi weekly! Disclaimer: These 2nd uploads will NOT be the same as the main series as I want to try other types of videos.  They will most definitely be either Pokemon or Smash Bros. videos for a while though.
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