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You could be our most frequent commenter, but when it comes to you supporting you don't want too much attention. We respect your decision to remain in the shadows no matter who you are. Thank you for stopping by and continuing to support us. We truly appreciate you.
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Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support
  • Exclusive content
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Work-in-progress updates (digital)
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Fanatic Musings is maintained by a team of artists (a duo to be precise) who have just enough time on their hands to crank out massive amounts of content while working their 9 to 5 and sleeping. We produce and edit serials (a.k.a. webnovels) currently and plan to expand in the future to comics.

The Purpose Of This Patreon

As we mentioned earlier, we are currently in the process of producing a lot more content for the site. Feel free to check out what we already have up for you to read and enjoy. This Patreon supports what is currently being published, production of future (non-fanfiction) content, and the nuts and bolts of hosting.

Currently, all donations go towards funding our series Gemini Queen and keeping the site running.

Gemini Queen by River Rowan is a fantastical, bodice-ripping, comedic political drama with a strong note of crossdressing wrapped in a sensual love letter to what boy’s love, yaoi, and straight-up smut should be all about: consensual, sane, safe loving.

Rewards And Bonus Content

Fanatic Musings is dedicated to producing whatever our muses give us in as much quality as we can muster. We’re not using paywalls or ads to block anyone from being able to access the content on the site. It’s always available to read for free whenever you want to stop by.

We’re simply asking you to support us if you want to. If you can’t, everything is still accessible. If you can, everything is still accessible. If we can get enough support to simply keep the site up and running, that would be awesome. If we can get enough to ensure that we can dedicate more time to producing more, and even better content faster, that would be even more awesome.

Whatever we receive, we are going to produce and publish content because we love the art we create. We love stories, worldbuilding, testing the limits of our imagination, and our creative skills.

We want to share the content, and while there are a million and three places to share work on the internet, we want to carve out our own little section of it and present it the way we want to present it: no ads, no questionable administrative policies, and no crazy publishing rules.

We get to post what we want when we want. We can choose what to censor if anything (We won’t, you pervs. ;D). We don’t have to answer to anyone but the readers on our creative choices or website policies. That’s the way we want it to be.

The Tiers

There are only two tiers for Fanatic Musings: a Silent Backer and a Front Row Supporter. Front Row Supporters will appear on the “Thank You” page on the site, Silent Backers will not. Both tiers start at five dollars and you get to decide how much or how little you would like to donate. Regardless of whether you’re a Silent Backer or a Front Row Supporter, you’ll be eligible for all the raffles attached to our goals.

If you have to stop being a patron at any time, don't worry about it. Feel free to keep reading, listening, and viewing the content. Spread the word if you can. All support is greatly appreciated.

Full Disclosure

We live for the art, but we don’t make a living from the art. We have 9 to 5s covering our necessities, and we unwind by churning out hundreds of thousands of words for the site. The site is currently supported solely by our incomes.

Would we like to make Fanatic Musings a full-time thing? Of course. To make that transition, we would need to be able to make a living off of the site. That’s where you come in. You'll decide whether we keep giving you what we can between our full-time jobs or whether our full dedication is to the site and you, the content consumers.

Your support will go towards site development, content development, increased production rates and so on. It will help us increase the quality of Fanatic Musings as a whole. The greatest part is that no matter what you donate, you'll be contributing to changes and release rates that you'll benefit from directly.

The art is first, administration of the art is kind of secondary, so we decided that we should keep it that way. We’ll do promotion of the Patreon and other methods of donation, but we won't assault you with it.

You want to get lost in a new world.

We want to create.

You don't want to be bombarded with things unrelated to the content, and we don't want the content to be undermined by those unrelated things either.

We may host our stories on other platforms at times, for exposure or other reasons, but on Fanatic Musings it will always be free and ad-free.

Eventually, we will open up a discord for discussion, and everyone will be welcome to join. :)

If anything changes, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

In The End

We love all the support we get, so please support us however you can. We can't explain to you how grateful we are that you enjoy our work as much as we do.
$0 of $500 per month
This would cover web hosting fees, domain fees, and, with the amount of content we’re anticipating for the site, a dedicated server with sufficient storage. We'll be able to make some necessary updates to the site, keep the site running, and have enough space for all the content we have planned. As thanks, the base release rate will increase to four chapters per week.

All patrons will have access to extra materials that aren’t included in the usual storyline including draft sketches, process notes, and so on.
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