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About Erika

Hey folks! This page will be undergoing some changes! Sketchy details here. Everything below is subject to change, but I'm leaving it up until the new direction is firmed up so you can get a sense of who I am. Ta!
Erika—that’s me! I also go by E, especially when signing emails. Yes, I sign my emails.

A blog called FangirlKnitsScarf. The “fangirl” part is absolutely true. The “knits scarf” bit has become less so...but there’s always hope!

I blog about all things geeky. (Well, I haven’t actually blogged about ALL the geeky things—YET.) Many posts are about Doctor Who. (The aforementioned scarf is the season 18 chenille Tom Baker scarf, and I cohost two Doctor Who podcasts: Verity! and Lazy Doctor Who.)

But be warned, I talk about whatever catches my fancy. I do other podcasts as well: The Audio Guide to Babylon 5Total Party KillThe IncomparableUncanny Magazine Podcast, and my research and prep for those shows can be great blog fodder.

Well that’s where you come in. I sometimes get lax when it comes to my writing work ethic, and I'm trying to conquer that and devote more time to writing. That'll be much easier if the writing time isn’t taking time away from paying gigs, but is itself a paying gig!

My oh my, that’s a rather personal question! ;) I tend to blog wherever I am when I have an idea. Mostly, that’s when I’m at home (currently Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), but travelling blogs have been known to spontaneously occur.

I have a conversational and relaxed style. If you’re a fan of dry, academic pieces, you probably won’t feel at home. Also, I use a lot of parentheses and footnotes, so if those aren’t your thing, “keep walking hero”. 

Why do I blog? Ask most writers why they write, and they’ll tell you it’s ‘cause they can’t help it. There you go. I like how I feel when I’m writing, and it's even better when I’ve *written*. Creating is good for my brain, and seems to please the brains of my readers too. Win-win!

Why should you support me? First of all, ugh. I hate the word “should”. Outside a very few examples, I don’t think “should” applies realistically. Let’s reword that, shall we?

Why might you choose to support me? (That’s better!) I work hard. Damn hard. I spend lots of time (possibly too much) crafting each blog entry. Writing and rewriting, researching and editing, finding art and re-editing, proofreading and re-re-editing... It's difficult to find the time for this and also feed myself. I’m not willing to sacrifice my perfectionism. I’m also not willing to sacrifice dinner. I like dinner.

I think that covers the basic questions. If you have some for me, please get in touch! One thing I really like here at Patreon is the opportunity to interact with my readers. So bring it (nicely & politely) on!

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