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Milestone Goals
A Year of Webspace!
$20 per month
With $20, we can use the space for another year and keep the site up & running!
Site Storage!
$30 per month
For every picture & post that we upload, it takes up a little bit of the storage that we're allowed. For more of that, $30 will do the trick.
Travel to Events!
$100 per month
We want to cover awesome events & conventions so that we can share the experience with you all. It can get expensive. We don't want you to fund all of our trips or pay for tickets, but every little bit helps.
A New Flip Camera
$150 per month
Flip cameras are a fantastic resource especially when covering events & doing quick little videos. Unfortunately, ours is broken. With this money, we can get a new one to share all our fun times in whole new way with you!
$200 per month
We've got so many ideas for awesome apparel for you all to look damn good in, but it gets pricey. With some help, we could get y'all decked out in fancy Fangirl gear.


We are a site by the Fangirls, for the Fangirls.  We're dedicated to creating a safe, healthy, and comfortable community for women everywhere, regardless of their Fangirling activities.


New York, USA
Fangirls Are We is a website run by the Fangirls, for the Fangirls.  Our goal is to help women feel safe, confident, and comfortable in their interests.  Passion is a big part of how we live, and how the site is run.  We would like to share that with you.  The site features content that is free to access, but we need your help to keep it going.

Your pledges will go towards keeping the webspace, printing business cards (and eventually t-shirts), helping us cover events, and keeping our equipment up to date.

Pledgers will have access to exclusive contents, such as exclusive updates (what we read, before we write), releases of ideas we are trying out, special videos, and more one-on-one access with us.

Eventually, we want to do things like host panels at conventions in female empowerment.  We want to work with women to recognize their strengths and abilities.  We want to remind people that they are not alone, but we need your help to let us know that we are not alone in these goals.  

If you can't help monetarily, but have ideas, or want to help, email us!

Thank you!
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