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About Faniel 9D

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I’m Faniel and my mission is to help others leave behind separation consciousness (3D/fear/trauma) and move to the consciousness of unity (5D/love). I’m a Starseed, a modern day Shaman, and I can telepathically communicate with any and all beings and consciousness of light. I channel messages from Archangels, Sirians, Pleiadeans, Lyrans, Arturians, and any other beings that are currently working on helping humanity expand their consciousness and shift (ascend) into 5D.

I’m here to share messages and updates about the shift (ascension) to 5D, help others heal from fear/trauma, offer tarot/oracle readings, offer personal help, and answer questions about the universe. (more Patreon tiers will be added at a later time)

I’m a pre-medical and nutrition student, I do research at my university, I do volunteer work, and I’m here to share messages and information. By supporting my work, you help me to be able to keep sharing messages and information with everyone.

Your love and support means everything to me. Love and light to you. Thank you!


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