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is creating mostly Monsters and Spaceships into pre-existing art
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You have my sincere gratitude and shall receive access to the Patreon activity feed for previous rewards and future updates.

Your support remembers me that I should blog more, do more paintings, more exercise and learn a few new tricks any given day and cherish that there are people like you who want me to keep things up. Thank you so much for that!

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You have my sincere gratitude and shall receive access to the Patreon activity feed for previous rewards and future updates. 

You could do a lot with $2 but you decided to hit me instead with your hard earned coins. I'm somewhat in a trouble because all the important messages are already outspoken for the other tiers. So what is left is that I can say you are very special and I will thank you for that. And that your support is more worth than the $1 Tier to me.

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You have my sincere gratitude and shall receive access to the Patreon activity feed for previous rewards and future updates. 

You are precious. I don't know what I did to deserve your support but I am grateful and hope I can give you something back. Your trust and help will not be useless. Promised.



About Ars Fantasio

:: Welcome ::

Hi, my name is Oliver but you may also have seen Fantasio or "Ars Fantasio" attached to my art.

I believe we live in strange times, without middleman but with a white noise that is social media and with the use of that medium, everyone has become a middleman-or-woman without even knowing.

Even though I'm here since the very beginning of Patreon, my business has evolved offline - weird I know - and much more than you can see here.

My patreon campaign still runs for those not able to meet me in person or whose walls are already full of art.

Why support me? I have been obsessed with Popular-Culture all my life and there was always a huge passion for early 1900 impressionism and classic art like the Hudson River School. 

Since I'm also a digital native, starting to use Amiga computers for painting at the age of 9, it was clear that this has to become my future in art.

If you enjoy any of what I'm talking about, this might be the right place for you!

Nowadays I bring those aspects of my life together as they were meant to be; I create the "Art" that I would want to see in a Museum.

As you can see, most of my landscape-pieces look like the thriftstore-paintings-with-monsters in it, yet my work is not about the short term giggle but about learning and becoming better at composition. 

No Thriftstore-painting can teach me that but the works of the old masters can and I learned a lot about what they did and why they did it. Otherwise I would not be able to build on-top of it.

Some smaller ebooks about composition are already here for you to grab as a patron: 
Composition book Part 1 (free)
Composition book Part 2

I currently make a living by creating art that people want to bring home from a Convention.

Understandably my main focus is on offline Art Shows & Conventions.

On the other hand, if this patreon-thing should ever take a full-swing and you show me that it would be more than worthwhile to put exclusive content over here, I would be up for that.

That is basically why I have a "Pay what you want" system here, as I can't invest much time on giving out tutorials, psd-files or other stuff right now - but that is subject to change, and YOU can change it.

It looks like different perks but it is just different levels for you to pick from. If you have supported me and are on the hunt for a wallpaper-version of a certain piece for example, I rather help you out personally than to throw anything in here that ends up on pirating sites (another reason I'm not providing hi-res pieces and PSD files anymore).

My goals change from time to time but I stick to my offerings which are:

  • As soon as I'm able to release a new work, you will see it first.
  • All rewards are kept up 
  • Sometimes I share my process or "behind the scenes" - stuff

If you come here and like my work but rather want to give me a coffee, there is also a ko-fi page that I utilize for one-time payments and donations here:

Thanks for considering to support my work!

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I need to break the White Noise!
Since I work on my art full time, I have to produce and promote everything by myself - which is daunting at times. Paid advertising helps to promote my work to a wider audience, which can return in more followers and in turn for more Patrons as well. Which would mean more exclusive output for all patrons. Your help is much appreciated!

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