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About Fantasy Art Workshop

Fantasy Art Workshop is the creation of husband and wife team Jeff Miracola (Fantasy Artist) and Silvia Acevedo (Videographer), whose goal is to bring you the most relevant and high-quality fantasy art instruction videos ever!

I, Jeff Miracola, have been a professional fantasy artist/illustrator for the past 20 years. A few years ago, my wife and I started creating videos for my YouTube channel to give people a little peek behind the curtain, a glimpse into how I create my traditionally painted imagery. The response took us by surprise. I am now a “YouTuber” just as much as I am a fantasy artist. That’s a refreshing and fascinating realization to make. Silvia and I strive to create videos that will show viewers a new way to approach the process of creating art and inspire them to develop their traditional art-making skills.

While my YouTube channel has been a wonderful platform for people to discover our art instruction videos, YouTube has been making major changes to how much revenue creators get from advertising. As you can guess, those changes are not in the creator's favor. So our hope with this Patreon page is that we can continue to create and deliver quality art instruction videos to those that want to support their creation.

Our plan is to create at least one Art Instruction Video per month, but there will be times we create more than one per month. In addition to those detailed art instruction videos, we may occasionally do Live Streaming Events which might consist of art instruction, Q&A sessions, or more. Patrons at our biggest tier will have the ability to download a high resolution version (1920x1080) of our newly posted video, too.

Regardless of what level you choose, we are deeply thankful for your support. We know many of you have gone along with us on this journey since we started our YouTube channel years ago. We're happy that so many of you have become our friends :-)
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