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About Fantix King

Thank you for already visiting this page! I'm Fantix from Beijing, coding touched 80% of my lifetime (24 out of 30), 10 years in Python. I'm the creator of the GINO project, currently working as an individual developer on outsource and consulting projects, occasionally in startups.

GINO is a BSD-licensed Python ORM library based on SQLAlchemy core and asyncpg. It stands for "GINO Is Not ORM", because it is tailored for asynchronous programming and thus different to traditional ORM concepts. This project is open source on GitHub:

GINO currently supports defining SQLAlchemy tables and query clauses declaratively, running any SQLAlchemy core clauses on asyncpg, mapping the results back to objects which support basic CRUD operations, context-aware connection pools, optional PostgreSQL JSON/JSONB support, Sanic support and more. Current and future work includes:

  • Complete test suites, cover all code and more corner cases
  • Write documentation including a tutorial, reference and API docs
  • Fix bugs, reach production level
  • Benchmark performance, and keep improving
  • Full example project using GINO
  • Implement relationship
  • Implement table inheritance
  • Support Python 3.5 or even lower versions
  • Support different database drivers, or even databases
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When I reach $500 per month, I'll keep a responsive state to the GINO community, solving issues and contribute steady updates.
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