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New episodes of The World of Wishes a whole week before they go public! 

+ My deepest gratitude

+ You can adopt an animal character from Trivia from Nature and download adoption certificates and badges!


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All of the above...

+ exclusive wallpapers!

Links to wallpapers are in the "rewards" posts.

High Resolution and Concepts

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All of the above...

+ high-resolution versions of Trivia from Nature in PDF
+ high-resolution chapters of World of Wishes in PDF as they come.
+ concepts and color scripts of some pages from The World of Wishes

Downloads and images  are in the "rewards" posts. 



About Fany

I’m a full-time game designer and a former student of Geology, located in the Czech Republic .
In my spare time I love creating comics, digital paintings and tutorials.
Thanks to you I can continue to work on my personal projects, create worlds, stories and characters, as well as to keep improving my art skills and developing techniques that I can pass to other artists through resources.

Projects that exist thanks to you:

My main projects:

The World of Wishes webcomic – currently working on Chapter 4.
Digital Painting Videos – new videos usually bi-weekly, Patrons can choose what gets recorded, so feel free to comment or message me.
Skies Unlimited – vertical paintings, updated randomly when ideas and time come.

My other projects and websites:

Trivia from Nature webcomic – stories about nature, currently on hiatus due to lack of time and the complicated nature of the comic.
Ikou’s Tutorials – an “ancestor” of my  Painting Videos on Youtube. – my personal website and portfolio.

My Philosophy:

I'm sorry I can't be as interactive as other creators, apart from being a very shy person and I'm working hard at my full-time job, and the little time I have left over I want to use to create interesting content for you.
But I do read all comments and your support always makes me very happy and encourages me that all this is worth doing!

Other means of support:
Commenting, liking and sharing ^^

And what can you find here in Fany’s posts?

11% complete
I'll get some good recording software and start recording the process of making my comics for you to see how they are done. The videos will be available for everyone for free, but patrons can request what gets recorded!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 86 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 86 exclusive posts

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