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Howdy! I’m Ron Farber-Newman, and I’m the guy behind Farbulous Creations.

I’ve always enjoyed making “stuff”, both with my hands and with a computer as a digital artist. My start into woodworking and laser crafts, was, like many great things in life, born out of necessity. My husband and I were engaged and had decided on a rustic theme for our wedding. We also wanted a lot of the decorations and accent pieces to be personalized with our awesome wedding logo a good friend had designed. Being a tight budget wedding, I took a class on laser cutting with aspirations of doing it all myself. It was a lot of work, but our guests loved all the personal details, and I was hooked.

Following our wedding, I realized there was an opportunity to continue making things with the laser and share my process as I go. The woodworking community on YouTube has been a huge inspiration to me over the years and I want to be able to give back through my content.

My channel is still very new, and I'm still kind of getting my rhythm, but as I build out my garage into a proper shop, I'll have more and more time and space to spend on making content. I would love to turn this into a full time thing at some point, and with your help, that could be possible. 

With love and lasers,
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