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About Stanislav "Farlander" Costiuc

Hi! My name is Stanislav Costiuc. I am a Lead Game Designer at Ubisoft, currently working on Watch Dogs: Legion. However, during my free time, I work on this channel: Farlands School of Game Design! 

On the Internet, people can find a lot of information regarding design theory and design analysis, as well as different insights on more specialized websites. However, what is clearly seen when you start interviewing aspiring or junior designers, is that there is not enough sources talking about what it actually means to be a Video Game Designer, what are the processes and mindsets. Farlands School of Game Design is set out to teach how to actually work as a designer, and improve, and in general help out people wanting to get into the profession as much as possible!

If you support my channel with 1$/month, you'll get access to a newsletter gathering useful articles and videos that will help you in your design or game development dreams. You also will get a special Patron title on the Farlands Discord channel, as well as access to a private Patron chat!

For 3$/month you'll get a special thank you mention in all videos on my channel.

And for 5$/month you will get early access to all my videos! And, as a thank you for supporting my channel, if you are working on a game of your own, you can feel free to contact me with requests for detailed feedback, discussions, or advice regarding your game.

Farlands has a Discord channel that you're free to join even if you're not a patron! However, as noted previously, patrons do get some special benefits.

Yes. As mentioned, I have a full-time job at Ubisoft, which means everything that is related to this channel I'm doing in my free time. This means that I do not have a regular schedule for my releases. I am devoting as much time as possible to the channel and Patreon, and try to keep a minimum of two videos per month, however depending on what is going on at work and in life, my activity can either speed up or slow down, so please keep that in mind if you're thinking of pledging. Regardless, thanks for your support!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts