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About Chris Blanchard

If you're here, you probably know all about the Farmer to Farmer Podcast. Patreon provides a way for you to support the show, which allows us to keep the tractor running.

You pledge a certain amount for each episode I publish, and Patreon bills you monthly. Think of it like Kickstarter, except that the project is ongoing – we need to keep greasing those zerks to keep the podcast machinery operating smoothly.

We’ve got some fundraising goals over there to the right (if you’re reading this on your desktop), to give you an idea of how the money we raise will be spent. And we’ve got some fun rewards, too.

I’ve spent twenty-seven years in the world of agriculture. I had the good fortune early on to work for and with some really great farmers, and when I started my own farm, the stories and the information they had shared were instrumental in my success.
I started the Farmer to Farmer Podcast because sharing between farmers is such a hallmark of the local and organic farming movement – I can’t think of another industry that is so freely giving of the tricks and tools of the trade, even among direct competitors.

I’ve spent most of my career engaged in that exchange – teaching workshops, hosting field days, writing articles. I spent thirteen years coordinating presentations and co-directing the MOSES Organic Farming Conference, which meant I didn’t go to any of the workshops – but I did get the audio of all of the workshops, and they kept me company while I drove the delivery truck each Friday.

And audio is such an amazing way to learn. Unlike reading or watching a video, audio does not require your full attention. And Farmer to Farmer Podcast listeners have told me that they tune in on the tractor, in the farmers market truck, and while they’re washing carrots.

When I started the show, I had no idea that it would have the impact it’s had. I thought it was pretty neat, but I’ve been blown away by the reception it’s received. It reminds me of going to farmer’s market each week, and having people actually buy and eat this thing that I had taken part in creating. It’s such an honor that guests show up – even in the middle of the summer! – and that you and thousands of other people tune in each week.

Thank you so much for your support, whether you make a contribution or just tune in and talk about the show with your friends. And I mean that, from the bottom of my heart.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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