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About Farm Food Feast

We live in a world where a simple salad can be composed of ingredients that have traveled 35,000 km to get to your plate. Lettuce from California, tomatoes from Mexico, herbs from France, olive oil from Tunisia and balsamic vinegar from Italy. Let's not talk about the main course!

Farm Food Feast wants to answer the question: Can you make a great meal from just a few acres of land. And when we mean great, we mean Michelin star level and when we say meal we mean everything from growing the vegetables, pressing the oil, fermenting the vinegar and making the wine. This will be the definition of hyper-local cooking. Here's a handy Venn diagram of all the things this project will encompass.

Though you can just slice some vegetables, boil a potato and fish a trout out of the pond and grill it, and that would be a decent meal, but I want something that is spectacular, something that Gordon Ramsay wouldn't yell at me about, food that would impress a Michelin rated chef. The more I think about it the more I realized how difficult this will be, which means I need to try it.

Once you start looking at recipes, you begin to realize how intertwined the world of food is. Olive oil from Tunisia, balsamic vinegar from Italy, and spices from around the world; how do we duplicate the literal world of food on a few acres of land? Is it even possible to achieve this high-level goal? 

The first step is to create a menu, then plant, harvest and prepare the ingredients and then cook for 12+ people. Did I mention I want this to be a 12-course meal? Plus it has to have at least two alcoholic drinks (wine, beer, cocktails or cider) which means growing, fermenting and aging. And we need bread. Again, bread seems easy until you realize you have to grow the wheat, thresh it by hand and then mill it. 

It may sound complex, but the best way to learn about food is to get deep into the details and Farm Food Feast is going to do that. I want your advice.

Sign up, let's do this.

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Once we achieve the 50 patron level, I'll set up a Discourse forum for better to interact with you and as a way to ingest ideas, menu suggestions and different plants to grow. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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