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If you are a language teacher and you would like to be part of our editorial board of Faro de Lenguas Magazine. Your opinion will make the difference.

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  • Meet our benefactors, members of our community, and son.
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  • Participate in contents, decitions and everything regarding the management.
  • record your podcast section and give your contact information to audience in order to offer a trial lesson. For affiliate marketing, please, ask information.
  • Help in social network management. Free acces as administrator.
  • be part of a teaching team to design language courses with other colleagues and earn money.
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About Faro de Lenguas

Probably, you are thinking of who is behind "Faro de Lenguas Magazine". That's right! Play our introduction video!.

The project's parents.

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100 is a nice number and we would like to celebrate our 100 patrons with a special podcast series where we will interview 1 patron every month! It sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Besides we have already thought to record stories according to the different levels. Our team is designing the learning material to take advantage of those podcast... 
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