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About FaroreNightclaw

farore.nightclaw[at]gmail.com--this patreon is intended for 18+ viewers only--


My name is Kit, known online as FaroreNightclaw. I'm an agender person, a feminist/activist, a mostly-Dominant kinkster, a trauma survivor, bipolar, polyamorous, and queer, and many of these attributes come up as themes in my work. I have two amazing partners and a bunch of nifty friends whose characters may also show up in my art. I like a lot of things, so expect variety!


I'm a freelance artist, focusing primarily on furry art with a dash of science fiction and fantasy, with 14 years of doing private commissions, including erotica, SFW art, convention badges, character designs and more, under my belt. I also work for a couple of pet simulation game websites, providing item, pet, background, and game artwork, and sell prints and merchandise as well as regularly doing traditional media work for sale at art shows. In the past, I've done concept art for a video game, as well as contributed to paysites, a trading card game, several invitation-only groups that released themed portfolios, art for personal and business web pages, and art for charity auctions. I have worked with furry conventions, and was the artist Guest of Honor at Rainfurrest 2009, providing all of the art for that year including website graphics, convention book cover, and t-shirt design, as well as doing the t-shirt design for Further Confusion 2015, the t-shirt design and official convention badge art for Further Confusion 2016, the Pocket Program cover and Fursuit Tag for Further Confusion 2017, and official convention badge, convention booklet, and marketing work for Vancoufur 2019 and 2020.


I enjoy drawing erotic and kink-themed artwork, including BDSM, D/s, hypnosis, transformation of both the gender and species varieties, robo/technophilia, and some darker tastes as well such as gore, vore, and so on. I also enjoy drawing SFW artwork with story to it, or even simply pin-ups. Character design is one of my favorite mediums to work in. I do not often draw erotica that is clearly nonconsensual, and never art which features sexual depiction of minors, sexual depictions of real world animals, vomit, incest, pro-bigotry content, or scat. Other than that I'm pretty open to most subjects.

I prefer working in a digital medium, and my primary tools are Clip Studio Paint Pro and a Wacom tablet, specifically the Wacom Cintiq 16.  In traditional media, I lean towards graphite, Bristol board, watercolors, solvent markers, inking pens, acrylics, and colored pencils.


As I mentioned above, my primary focus is on furry art, though science fiction and fantasy art will probably also turn up here. This Patreon will feature various ways of getting a look at my artwork and even options to get some custom pieces of your own.  Things you might see here include: sketches, walk-throughs, tutorials, desktop wallpapers, comics, pin-ups, character concepts and designs, concept work and full images from headworlds of mine, personal pieces, portfolios, and the occasional Twine game. Most of the artwork shared here will be commissions and gifts, with some personal art as well.  As rewards you can receive web res and high res PNGs of my art, as well as PSDs of same, sketch requests, cell shaded commissions, and for one lucky person, a digitally painted portrait commission every month.


This Patreon runs on a monthly schedule, so you will be charged once per month, on the first of the month. Rewards involving custom artwork or art classes will be completed later in the month after your payment has processed successfully.  I charge up front, which means you will be charged when you first pledge, and then again on the first of the following month.


For one-time donations, please email me at farore.nightclaw[at]gmail.com for my PayPal address and a grateful thank you! If you wish to pledge monthly but do not want any rewards, simply do not select a reward tier when setting up your pledge. You can also donate to my Ko-Fi at https://ko-fi.com/farorenightclaw.


Thank you so much for supporting me, or even considering doing so! I am always open to suggestions for new content to produce here on Patreon.


Website: http://farorenightclaw.dreamchaos.net
Commission TOS: http://farorenightclaw.dreamchaos.net/terms.htmlCommission Prices: http://farorenightclaw.dreamchaos.net/prices.html or https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36134988/
Email: farore.nightclaw[at]gmail.com

FurAffinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/farorenightclaw
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/omgfarore
Streaming Site: https://www.picarto.tv/omgfarore

RedBubble: http://www.redbubble.com/people/farorenightclawThreadless: https://farorenightclaw.threadless.com
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtOfFaroreNightclaw

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RENT! The Musical
Rent!  At this point I'll be making enough to pay my rent each month and won't need to focus on commissions as much.  Whee, Patreon job like an ADULT!  Oh, it's a musical?  I guess I could sing, but I'm not sure you really want that.
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