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Fateseal.com is a Magic: The Gathering deck builder and community aimed at bringing you modern tools and features so you can get the most out of MTG.

Initially launched in 2014, Fateseal has gone over numerous iterations and continues to grow in features and enhancements but at a cost to the creator in terms of time and money. We need your support to continue development and bring the tools we want to build to help you further enjoy MTG.

Why we need your support

Working on a product like Fateseal entails so much time, money, and effort, so we want to outline it as simple and transparent as possible.

  • Hosting the website costs money (domain, database, application hosting, and more)
  • New features require user experience and visual design, which can take hours to research and iterate on until the feature is ready for coding.
  • Development (writing the code) can take equal to or more time as design for a given feature. Then there's testing, bug fixing, deployment, and more.
  • Advertisements on sites are awful for many reasons but a form of monetizing when it's needed. Help us so we don't have to display ads. If we do end up needing them, logged in patrons will get an ad-free experience.
  • All of this work is currently done by one person who is also busy with a full-time job

What we can do with your support

With your patronage, we'll be able to better dedicate our resources to bringing new features and apps to your MTG lifestyle. We have big ideas for Fateseal but need your help to bring them to life.

Some of our long term goals:
  • iOS and Android mobile app
  • Drag and drop Playtester
  • Card pricing and history
  • Advanced card search capabilities

Check out the roadmap for more info on planned features.

Thank you for visiting our Patreon page. If you haven't checked us out, sign up to Fateseal today and start deck building. 
$0 of $75 per month

Reaching this goal would help cover all of our current hosting needs (database, app hosting, 3rd party services) and help keep the website ad-free. 
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