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About Nathan Monk

I’ve tremendously enjoyed the ability to socialize with everyone via my Facebook and Instagram. But there is only so much of the story you can tell through social media posts, memes, and gifs. That’s why I want to take these interactions, and all we’ve learned together, to the next level. That includes podcasts, blogs, and expanding our educational programs for authors, bloggers, and those wanting to make social change in their community. In order to do that it takes time and resources. 

For a long time many of you have asked for me to do these expansions and I just haven’t known how to make the jump. This platform, and your support, will give me the needed resource to make these projects possible. Your support means I can devote more time into my creative potential.

PODCAST: I am in the process of building a new podcast experience for y’all! Over the years, I have been blessed to befriend some amazing movers, shakers, influencers, and public figures. Many of whom have made amazing contributions to the arts, culture, and social change. This new podcast will allow me the opportunity to bring these dynamic figures wisdom right into your brain. This new bi-monthly podcast will be an over coffee style conversation with individuals who have a wide range of experiences where we will delve deep into what matters to them, what makes them tick, and how they have received their personal formation on politics, religion, ethics, and social issues.

BOOKS: Over the last few years I’ve had the wonderful experience of authoring three very different and unique works. However, there is an entire menu of books I want to write and stories I hope to tell, both in personal narrative and novel formats. The only thing holding me back is having the time to do it. Your support will help provide me with the much needed time to delve deeper into my creative writing experience.

BLOGS: Over the last two years my blog over at the Charity Institute has been able to shine light on a number of important issues and developing news stories. However, there is so much more we could be doing! Your support will allow for me to make sure that we are pumping out more stories that matter to you about issues that need exposure. The goal is to reach more people with stories that highlight poverty, homelessness, social injustice, everyday heroes, and ways we can all help make the world around us just a little bit kinder and safer for everyone.

EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES: One of my personal goals with the Charity Institute has been to provide educational opportunities on a wide range of topics. Everything from writing workshops for bloggers and authors to round table discussions for activists and nonprofit workers. These programs take time to develop and we are well on our way to launch some of these programs starting in the Fall of 2020.

FACEBOOK GROUP: We will be launching a new member exclusive Facebook group for continued discussion, special live streams, and before-its-released content sharing. This will be available to anyone who joins our Patreon team and

No matter which issue brought you here, I am glad that we have been able to be part of a discussion together to help make real, lasting, and effective change in our communities. Your support will help make it possible to expand the reach of what we are already doing and what is still on the horizon!


Nathan Monk is a social justice advocate, author, and former Orthodox priest. He lives in Pensacola, FL with his wife and three children. He works with nonprofits and local governments to address issues associated with homelessness, poverty, and social justice.

Having experienced homelessness with his family during his teenage years, Nathan has gone on to found numerous programs providing food, clothing, emergency resources, and shelter. After nearly a decade of pastoral ministry, he began working as a consultant in the nonprofit sector. Over the years he has worked with business professionals and government officials to help bring success to their philanthropic work. He founded the Charity Institute to provide his educational platforms in a more accessible way.

Over his career, he has received notable awards, appointments, and national media for his accomplishments in the area of social justice.

Nathan is also an active public speaker and author. His books include: Chasing the Mouse: A Memoir About Childhood HomelessnessCharity Means Love: Transforming the Culture of How We Give, and his first novel The Miracle.

Through writing, blogging, podcasting, and public speaking, Nathan seeks to educate others and break down stereotypes in our culture about people experiencing poverty and homelessness. His expanded educational programs and consulting work help create nonprofit cultures that are truly client-oriented. With a focus on outcomes over outreach, we can end homelessness.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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