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Welcome to the first tier. For your basic $1 pledge you receive one very basic thing:
  • access to two original series one week before they are released onto deviantart.
What? You thought there was more? No. Now stop wallowing in the mud and go chew on a raw potato or something... Peasant.

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Welcome to tier two. I trust you can count past one, yes? Good. Here's what you receive:
  • access to two original series a full week (sometimes more) before they are released to the general public on dA
  • a sneak peek of the next upcoming chapter a full 2 weeks before the very common commoners get it, because you're better than them-- you know things.

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Ah, now we have titles! This is very exciting, but please--don't point the pointy end of your weaponry at me. At this tier you will receive:
  • access to two original series a full week before the riff-raff of dA can put their grubby hands on it
  • a sneak peek of the next upcoming series a full two weeks before the common commoners get it
  • access to exclusive content written just for you, because you're shiny, special, and must be appeased. Now stop putting that pointy, shiny thing in my face!




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About Fatty Writes

Greets and salutations! Welcome to my humble page! I'm honored that you're here. My name is Lizy and I am a long time WG writer in the feederism community (nearly 6 years and counting). I like writing stories that have a bit of depth and meat to them, or that are off the beaten path of general feederism erotica. I'm currently working on two series, and if you're in the Shiny Knight tier or above, you'll also have access to whatever else tickles my fancy (or your fancy, if you're a high lord or lady).

TABOO DEMON is a series that's near and dear to my heart. It follows Adde, the head demon of gluttony, as she tries to escape from her oppressive boss (Mephistopheles) and take over the world. Taboo Demon spends more time being horror and speculative fiction than it does straight-up erotica, but if you're looking for something off the beaten path, this is the series for you.

BRANDON'S DOWNFALL is my second current series. It takes place in Deerfield, MS, a shared world I created where everyone in town is morbidly obese. Brandon is a recent transplant. He is trans ftm and trying to adjust and adapt to new surroundings without getting any bigger, since he's already experiencing some health problems. This series has more stuffing-related and general erotic content than Taboo, but it's still a relatively dark, high-tension series.

As far as exclusive content goes, it runs the gamut. I like to have a wide range of content varying between BHMs and BBWs, characters of different backgrounds, sexual orientations, or skin colors, and stories that are each unique and special. I love seeing strong female characters as well as soft, plushy men--two underrepresented concepts that don't get much attention in the WG community, it seems like. If you're interested in supporting me, feel free to check out the different tiers. Every little bit counts and I appreciate it so much. Thanks for reading.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 281 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 281 exclusive posts

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