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1) Fund my work
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3) Priority requests

Many of you have told me that you want to support me financially for the work I do on Twitter because you feel what I do there should be a paid service. So I created this tier for that purpose and as a thank you.

Requests on specific players, teams or topics you want to see me post and analyze will be given priority as well.
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You will get full access to the website including all the tools I use for analysis including:

1) Full player profiles cards
2) Player snapshots cards
3) Full filterable statistical rating database
4) Full filterable style rating database
5) Player and team style charts
6) Attribute progression timelines
7) Style and skill similarity scores
8) Event location data
9) Hall of Fame probability and historical award data

and All Future Work

I often get asked if the stats I make and profiles I base my analysis on are available for you guys to look through. The answer is yes, and all of it is available in this tier.
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1) All previous benefits
2) The peace of mind that you're contributing to the spread of data-based analysis
2) Option for part-time consulting/tutorials on your own project

This tier is for those that want to see the statistical and tactical side of hockey take off. To really take my work to another level, I need partnerships with big data companies and funding for bigger and better software.

Aside from being eternally grateful for your support, this tier will allow me to financially support the venture and accomplish the vision that Architecte Hockey set out to make. This one is to take this sort of hockey analysis to the biggest and most reputable stage.

Part of taking this to the next level is helping others and growing the community. Many have asked for my help in developing their own projects. Whether it's coaching, analysis or data building/visualization, members of this tier will be able to work directly with me to grow their work as well. This includes questions, tutorials, and advice.

I can do more in-depth/hands on consulting work based on what you need after discussion and settling on an agreed-upon pricing. Email [email protected] or DM on Twitter if interested.
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About Bryce Chevallier

Hey guys, my name is Bryce Chevallier. I assume most of you know me from my Twitter account @fauxcentre. I am a data scientist who works in hockey analytics for the Kingston Frontenacs and I am creating a website ( to show off my work in hockey strategy, tactics and advanced stats.

While I spread insights on the website for free through blog posts - the tools such as player styles, ratings for every aspect of a player's game, player similarity and more all are put together in easy to understand profiles and available to subscribers for just $5.

Consider joining now to unlock the website and understand more about the game than ever before. I will be entirely grateful for your support.
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Let's get to 150 patrons!

This would allow me to invest beyond simple equipment and partnerships but would allow me to dedicate a lot more of my time.

This would be an incredible number to hit that would result in a quick expansion of Architecte Hockey and what I can offer.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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