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When serial killers can haunt your dreams, you are going to need a favor. A group of friends join Athena to investigate a paranormal rapist that targets couples...and may be related to the murder of a friend who committed suicide.

Favor of Athena is an urban-fantasy action series that combines detective fiction with superheroes. Adapted from the Lust novel by Terrio Jenkins, Favor of Athena is a psychological thriller that explores the battle of sin and virtue. 

Richard and I are excited to bring this visual story to life!  The publishing schedule is set for two pages a month starting in November.  The first arc, Lust, is set for 4 issues.

At our current rate, the first issue will be done by October 2021.With your help, we can speed up the monthly page rate. Check out the goals and tiers to see how.

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Creator: Terrio Jenkins
Writer: Terrio Jenkins
Penciler: Richard Capullo
Inker: Richard Capullo
Colorist: Richard Capullo
Letterer: Terrio Jenkins
Editor: Terrio Jenkins

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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