is creating FSIL Payroll: #1 Mobile App that pays 10,000,000 users/country.

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$100 Monthly Income Annual Subscription

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Your $100 monthly income FSIL Payroll Subscription isn't all you get. You also:

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  • Earn bonuses plus 5% royalty for promo targets hit...
  • Earn higher weekly income from platform upgrade when you hit your 5% royalty target
  • Annual renewal of subscription


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    $200 Monthly Income Annual Subscription

    per month

    Your $200 monthly income FSIL Payroll Subscription isn't all you get. You also:

    • Earn additional $3000 from annual contest...
    • Earn bonuses plus 5% royalty for promo targets hit...
    • Earn higher weekly income from platform upgrade when you hit your 5% royalty target
    • Annual renewal of subscription


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    FSIL Payroll is surer than the biggest bank in America, Europe, Asia or Africa, because it can pay more individuals steady income for life, without any retirement age, than any bank can offer a job that pays an employee for life.
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    0% complete

    This is one startup with a divesting portfolio structure to accommodate multiple products development, spread across interest industries, from financial services, to Fintech (FSIL Payroll), Edtech (Macahsa), Entertainment (RealTeenz), Real Estate (CheckinR), and Agriculture (1CoXSCF).

    Beginning with having a security for FROTBANKS LLC, with the securitization of FSIL Payroll once this Asset (FDAD) is launched, this startup will begin to utilize its global reputation to develop its other products, Macahsa, RealTeenz, CheckinR, and 1CoXSCF, into becoming a financial global behemoth.

    We are targeting net revenue from all products launched to exceed $10 billion, in order to ultimately divest to Oil and Gas, with ownership of our own marginal field, FPSO and oil vessels, as well as to own built carrier system of logistic assets for land and sea fright forwarding, to and fro global ports of loading, discharging and destination of cargoes.

    FROTBANKS LLC is a broad based startup with unique brands built to disrupt all industries of interest, from financial services, to fintech, edtech, entertainment, agriculture and oil and gas, ultimately.

    Hence, built from the ground-up, FROTBANKS LLC's initial brand and product debute "FSIL Payroll", being securitized, immediately after the launching of this Financial Strategy and P2P fintech mobile application asset, will open the door for the other assets to be developed in their order of priority.

    All developed assets are parts of one and the same startup expanding globally; through international incorporation and subsequent new FLAD setup, to plant the startup's presence in every country, through its own global security's Asset launching and network expansion plan as well as dependable growth strategy.

    The starting point is the launching of FSIL Payroll and its eventual securitization, after FROTBANKS premoney value has been pegged at $1 billion.

    This valuation is based on our success to enlist the first 10,000,000 prelaunch subscribers for pilot usage of FSIL Payroll after its launch.

    Each prelaunch subscriber is valued at $100 per annum, in their impact on the startup's revenue.

    10,000,000 prelaunch subscribers will translate into $1 billion premoney valuation of the startup, and can be achieved in 18 months towards FSIL Payroll product launch, through a collaborative hub development strategy put in place.

    The securitization will kickoff as soon as the prelaunch subscribers count hit 10,000,000 potential users of FSIL payroll.

    The security offering will be valued at $20 billion dollars, as a 20 years asset management revenue projection, based on a timeline to reach 200 countries with our physical local asset presence (FLAD) in each of these countries, where at least 50,000 subscribers will be guaranteed in each, within the same period, and projecting a potential of 1,000,000 users in each country in 5 to 20 years.

    Thus the launched and secyritized FSIL Payroll asset could generate 210,000,000 subscribers in less than 20 years and account for $21,000,000,000, in net revenue in a 20 years projection.

    That's why the security offering is $20 billion within same period of asset management to breakeven, and with an extra $1 billion in revenue on a basis of initial premoney valuation, and revenue projection with one securitized asset.

    The projection considered only frontend subscription and leaves out the back end subscriptions, where the most revenue stands to be generated from, in a flow of daily and weekly transactions, made by same frontend subscribers to optimize their own profit and enhance revenue generation capacity of the startup, as well.

    Thus, investors in this security are to scramble for 100 million ordinary shares valued at $200 per share.

    Anyone with access to more than 1000 shares is considered an accredited investor, with an annual net worth in excess of $1 million.

    Institutional investors with access to more than 10,000 shares are considered Titanic Investors, with exceptional voting rights.

    1 ordinary share is equivalent to 0.0000001% equity in the startup.

    Without accenting to this offering particular, in the terms for securitization of FSIL Asset, the startup will control 100% of its asset and not allow any public investment in it to dilute it.

    Hence, securitization is optional, as the startup has within it an internal capacity to finance its growth at all stages, relying on subscription alone, even without going public to raise funds from the secondary capital market; through a special purpose vehicle, as its security issuer to investors.

    Frotbanks LLC is built on a sustainable business model, and so there is no fear of liquidation at any point in its history.

    It has a stable growth projection to generate a consistent flow of subscribers and optimize its capitalization through a collaborative hub development and people-first strategy.

    Ultimately, it has a compelling promise to continue attracting new subscribers, and is certain of keeping its promises in time and in future, to satisfy all its subscribers and become the biggest startup of the 21st century, reaching $20 billion capitalization in a 20 years growth projection timeline, with or without securitization. This is our goal, and we can achieve it with your unceasing patronage.

    So, be part of this budding financial global behemoth and you will be glad you were part of it from its threshold. Subscribe and refer 100 new subscribers: to get this goal quickly achieved.
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