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Hey, we're Jared and Brad, otherwise known as Fear of Corn, an independent video game studio "shucking" narrative trends to craft exploratory and engaging interactive experiences.

Our small team is currently working on our first game, Interference (more info below). By becoming a Patreon supporter, you can join us in getting our unique narrative survival horror game over the finish line!

Your support helps us keep our servers running, cover licensing fees, acquire additional talent, and spread the word about Interference. Patreon supporters will receive exclusive access to development builds, behind-the-scenes images and videos, opportunities to provide feedback that may affect the game itself, their name in the credits, and more!

Because we believe everyone should be able to be a part of our community, any amount donated will grant you access to everything on our Patreon (no arbitrary tiers). We're glad you're here!



Interference is a narrative-driven sci-fi survival horror game where all of the scary stuff happens miles away. It looks like another quiet night in your isolated desert outpost, monitoring the mysterious happenings of the top-secret research facility you're paid minimum wage to protect. However, the night quickly turns deadly when a security breach throws the facility into chaos, trapping your best friend inside—the same best friend with whom you've spent the last few hours arguing, of course! Armed with only a shortwave radio and the items scattered around your booth, will you put aside your differences and help your friend survive? Or will you go radio-silent? It's up to you.


Interference began as an experiment in player autonomy: how do you construct a game whose narrative is not dependent upon the player's participation? With loads of branching dialogue, numerous playstyles, and the freedom to just kick back, relax, and ignore all the narrative elements we've spent months carefully crafting, Interference is a game about player choice. Maybe you'll opt to just observe. Or perhaps you'll decide to... interfere.


  • ACTIONS MATTER: Every decision the player makes (or doesn't make) is valid. Wanna be an asshole? Sure. A pushover? Go for it! Or you can just leave. We won't stop you.
  • MULTITASK: Monitor your radio, computer, and map to lead your friend to safety. You'd just better hope the power doesn't go out.
  • TUNE OUT: Your booth is outfitted with all sorts of distractions. Shoot a few hoops or unwind with a relaxing word search puzzle. We know you have a lot on your plate managing a massive security breach and keeping your best friend alive, but you do you.
  • ATMOSPHERIC SETTING: The desert is spooky, mysterious, and kinda lonely... the perfect place to contemplate your worldly insignificance!
  • ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK: The 80s called, they want their synthesizers back.
  • REPLAYABILITY: A 20-minute(ish), branching narrative adventure that plays out in real-time, with no two playthroughs exactly alike.

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