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About Feasting On Design

Feasting On Design is a celebration of design, food, and beverages all rolled into one. The new podcast from Jason Frostholm, former host and creator of the award winning Creative South Podcast is a bi-weekly show featuring candid conversations with designers, illustrators, photographers and others in the creative world, as well as conversations with chefs, brewers, bartenders and restaurateurs. Jason and his guests dive into the struggles that we all face, goals that get his guest out of bed in the morning, and where they find inspiration along the way.

To date we have had the honor to talk with and glimpse in to the lives of the following creators:
Aaron Draplin – Designer, Draplin Design CompanyField Notes
Aaron Sechrist – Designer, OK Pants 
Antionette Carroll – CEO Creative Reaction Lab, Chair, AIGA Diversity & Inclusion Task Force
Alicja Colon – Photographer, Focus Lab
Bethany Heck – Creative Lead, Microsoft Power BI &  Eephus League
Clark Orr – Illustrator/Designer
Danielle Evans – Designer/Lettering Artist, Marmalade Bleue
Fraser Davidson – Motion Graphics Artist, Cub Studio
Jerrod Maruyama - Illustrator/ Designer
Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn – Illustrator/Lettering Artist
Von Glitschka – Illustrative Designer, Glitschka Studios
…and many more.

Why Patreon?

It takes time to research each episode properly, to write up each transcript, and to record and produce the audio at a level of quality that my listeners deserve. That time spent researching, writing, and recording has become my full-time job, so Patreon helps me pay the bills.

Of course, there are also hard costs to running the show. Website and podcast file hosting, audio equipment, travel for live shows, and all sorts of other incidental expenses. Patreon support helps cover those things.

Thank You

Every listener makes a difference, and for that I thank you all. The show is out there and free for anyone to listen to and enjoy. Tell your friends and spread the word. And if you find that you want to help push Feasting On Design over the next big hill, consider contributing a small amount each month toward the show. With your help, the Feasting On Design can continue to grow!
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