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About Februarie

About Me
Hi everyone! My name's Leslie and I'm an American based Sims 4 modder that's been playing the Sims franchise my entire life. After what seems like a million years waiting on the sidelines and hoping that someone would create the mods I was looking for, I decided to finally take it upon myself to get into mod creation.

I don't only want to create mods. I want to empower simmers to curate their game to exactly how they want it, whether thats helping them find mods, or teaching them how to create their own mods.

I'm a 100% self taught modder, data integrity nerd, and business professional by day who started from the ground up trying to understand how to create mods. I have no computer science background whatsoever and the learning curve was... rough to say the least. But I'm here! And one day I'd like to create an updated guide for people who are just like me, because this game could always use new, inspired modders.

What Kinds Of Mods Will I Be Creating?
  • Gameplay mods
  • Ambient/Area effect traits and aspirations
  • Careers
What Am I Working On Right Now?
  • Zodiac Trait System
  • Add Trait To Population Mod
  • Followers and Fanmail Overhaul
Longshot Projects
  • Updated Gameplay Mod Creators Guide (For Aspiring Modders With Zero Comp Sci. experience)

Thank you SO much for considering being a patron whether that be one time or monthly. I have a passion for The Sims and want to make creations that this wonderful community would be proud of.

Get In Touch With Me
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Inspirations: deaderpool, the-huntington, kawaiistacie, littlemssam, coolspear, pralinesims, weerbusu, shimrod, brittpinkie, roburky, nraas, zerbu

Please do not re-upload my creations/services or claim them as your own.

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